Too sensitive people are extremely powerful people

2020-03-02 09.33.52
Too sensitive people, or “empaths” for short, are people born with a gift. They have the ability to feel other people’s feelings more strongly. This trait is convenient when you need to talk to someone, although it is not the primary gift of overly sensitive people. Too sensitive people are experts in human psychology. This gives them the ability to know when someone is lying or acting. Some kind people have cruel intentions of what we need to face. Too sensitive people have the ability to recognize such people (hypocrites.)
Don’t try to deceive overly sensitive people – they feel other people’s feelings – much more than you would like. That’s why they know when you’re acting. Don’t try to hide bad intentions from empathy – it just won’t work. Empathetic people can see through other people’s disguised mask.
Too sensitive people feel jealous — empaths can feel when any person is jealous of them. Empaths may know that people are jealous of them for whatever reason is. They will often show humility to make them feel more comfortable.
Too sensitive people do not feel hatred — hatred is a negative emotion that radiates strong negative energy. Empaths are not hurt by people’s hatred, but would rather spare anyone’s soul from negative energy. Too sensitive people don’t care about hatred, which often causes people to hate them even more. They are content with what they are. They don’t want to pretend to be someone else.
Too sensitive people know other people prejudices — empaths will always know when anyone has hidden prejudices. Empathetic people are not interested in shallow or complacent people.
Too sensitive people feel that other person is not good person — empaths know when other person is not telling the truth (for example about current bad situation in life). They know when other person feel bad. Having a friend with whom you can talk about things is a huge help! Take advantage of your friends ’healing opportunities and tell the truth. Don’t be afraid because overly sensitive people constantly want to help.
Too sensitive people can “read” other people like a book – they do not like talking (conversation) without a specific and clear topic (chatting). Don’t lightly give compliments to a person who is too sensitive to gain person’s affection. Too sensitive people don’t like it. They notice and feel what others are doing. The most powerful ability of overly sensitive people is to decipher the actions and intentions of people.
Too sensitive people know when you’re on the wrong track — if you have an empath friend who warns you about the things you’re doing, listen to him. Empaths are so good at predicting self-destruction. When an empath tells you to go to a dark place, you better consider your intentions and actions.
Too sensitive people know when you’re trying to be someone else — they have the ability to see a personal spirit. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. Be confident in yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Especially if you’re with too sensitive person.
Too sensitive people can identify exploitation – they will stop anyone from doing so. Anyone is more likely to get what he or she want if express desires honestly and directly.


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