White Face Cream Vs. Face Creams in colors

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In order to reduce the visibility of complexion irregularities in coverage products (and face creams), a very simple principle of complementary colors used in painting has been applied. This is the principle of opposite colors in the spectral circle, according to which the color intensity is mitigated. If it is colored, add the color on the opposite side of the circle. When these colors are mixed, the following are neutralized:
– green neutralizes red,
– yellow neutralizes blue,
– brown covers white.
The color combination provided by corrective cosmetics solves irregularities with ease in five basic steps:
1. thoroughly clean the skin,
2. apply face cream according to skin type as a base,
3. Neutralize the color of localized irregularities on the skin with the help of a concealer (green or yellow concealer),
4. even out the complexion with liquid or compact cream powder,
5. Fix the makeup with the help of airy mosaic powder.
Skin irregularities can be of different sizes and shapes, color intensity and causes.
• Some abnormalities are congenital. They can be depigmented either milk-colored or red (hemangiomas).
• Others are the result of acquired dermatoses (white spots in vitiligo are localized disappearance of skin pigmentation), a benign but visible disease, especially in people with darker skin.
• Brown spots are the result of excessive sun exposure. Their occurrence is more common during pregnancy, (the term “pregnancy mask” is often used), but they also occur in non-pregnant women, sometimes in men.
• In some facial dermatoses (couperosis, rosacea … etc.), regardless of the specific therapy, it is difficult to completely erase the traces (redness, visibility of small capillaries).
• Acne and uneven complexion have a big impact on life and self-confidence. Especially if it is a long-term struggle with skin imperfections.
• Dermatological and surgical procedures, especially on the face, are followed by a period of transient imperfections.
• Some more serious skin disorders (ichthyosis, burns …) need the help of corrective cosmetics.
Your dermatologist will refer you to the best possible preventive or curative treatments in all the cases described above.
“It’s always better to prevent than to cure” refers perfectly to changes in skin pigmentation. It is therefore important:
timely and effective treatment of inflammatory dermatoses,
 – use of sunscreen products.
Most hyperpigmentation is caused (or exacerbated by excessive sun exposure) due to failure to use adequate sun protection. Always choose products with a very high protection factor, with a wide range of protection from UVA and UVB rays, photostable and very waterproof. It is not always easy to avoid unnecessary skin injury but be careful. Nurture scars. Allow the wounds to heal. Protect the scar from the sun so that it does not darken. However, the appearance of some irregularities on the skin cannot be prevented or cured. That is why corrective cosmetics are used to help cover up these imperfections.
Concealing skin imperfections depends on their position, size and shape, color intensity and cause. In order to cover (camouflage) them as effectively as possible, the most important thing is to neutralize their color, which is the reason for the division of basic irregularities according to color:
– irregularities in which red color predominates – diffuse redness (erythrosis, couperosis, rosacea, visible capillaries …); redness after surgery and treatment (laser, dermabrasion); skin eruptions (acne, pimples …); fresh scars
– irregularities in which blue color predominates – bruises, bruises after aesthetic or reparative surgical procedures; visible and varicose veins; blue under-eye circles …etc.
– other irregularities (brown, white, dark shades) – hyperpigmentation (melasma, freckles, moles); depigmentation (vitiligo, old scars); stretch marks and tattoos; pale or uneven complexion …etc.
Weleda cream with marshmallow
weleda 2
Marshmallow-forms a protective layer that helps healthy skin. The mother is calm when the baby is calm and smiling. Weleda has worked with midwives to create a line of marshmallow-based baby products, which are extremely beneficial for hypersensitive, dry and atopic baby skin. Marshmallow face cream combines a gentle touch of soothing organic marshmallow and a gentle day-and-night with nourishing organic coconut and sweet almond oils. Golden organic beeswax creates a protective film that protects the skin and provides a natural, mild scent. Soothes dry skin and itching. Protects the skin naturally.
Nourishes, soothes and maintains moisture. Soothes itching and protects from the harmful effects of the environment. Soothes irritated skin. Certified natural baby care, perfume-free and dermatologically proven to be suitable for hypersensitive, dry and atopic skin. No synthetic condoms, fragrances, dyes or raw materials obtained from
mineral oils. Gently apply to baby’s face every day. Suitable for sensitive, dry and atopic adult skin.
Aphrodite Professional white day cream Pure Oxygen (with oxygen) – is a hydrating refreshing oxygen care cream that acts at the cellular level to regenerate the skin from the inside out. Biologically active technology Fiflow BB61 increases the skin’s oxygen supply, while stimulating its detoxification. It currently enhances the metabolic activity of skin cells. In this way it improves the appearance, and the general functioning and structure of the skin! It restores a healthy and much more relaxed look to the skin. It visibly rejuvenates her. Slows skin aging. Suitable for all skin types of the face, neck and décolleté. It is especially suitable for inactive, tired and puffy skin that lacks oxygen; smoker’s skin; skin exposed to a polluted urban environment and skin prone to premature aging due to external factors and / or genetic causes. Apply the cream every morning (if necessary during the day) on thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Gently rub it with your fingertips. If necessary (in the case of combination to oily skin prone to impurities), use it for night care. In case of dry to normal skin, apply Vita Derma Anti-stress serum / Vita Derma Multiactive anti-age fluid / Gold 24 Ka Luxury anti-age elixir before applying the cream (adjust the choice to the current skin condition). For optimal results of daily care, use the cream in combination with Pure Oxygen Vitalizing Night Cream, Ampoules and Oxygenation Activator.
The cream is white. The texture is gel-like to foamy with a pleasant and mild odor. Due to its light texture, it is easily smeared and applied on the face. Use Aphrodite cream every morning after cleansing your face before applying make up. It absorbs quickly. It does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. When it is completely absorbed, you are ready to apply make-up because your face is completely smooth and your complexion is even and velvety. When you apply this product, you will not feel a tightening, but have a feeling of nourished skin and instant refreshment. After just a few days of use, you will notice that the cream provides optimal hydration to the skin with reduced visibility of the pores. The biggest advantage is that sebum does not break out under make-up during the day. This is attributed to the skin’s excellent oxygen supply. After a week of use, you will feel that your skin is more moisturized, smoother and velvety. You can include Aphrodite cream in your skincare routine because in addition to a beautiful and elegant packaging, it is a really effective product that hydrates the skin. It functions as a perfect make-up base and allows the look to last all day without repairs.
Face cream with almond in a slight orange color
Almond – skin renewal and resilience in the first placeAlmond and almond oil are one of nature’s oldest and original secrets about the beauty humanity has ever discovered. Almond oil contains many oleic and linoleic fatty acids and is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. It smoothes and nourishes the skin. It gives the skin a feeling of softness and additionally supplies it with moisture. Due to its exceptional regenerative power, it is essential for the care of all skin types. It has a particularly beneficial effect on dry, inflamed and irritated skin. Strengthens eyelashes and nails. Moisturizes hard skin on knees and elbows. Used to remove makeup.
Almond-MOISTURIZING CREAM (50ml) For normal and combination skin. It takes care of optimal humidity and provides all the necessary nutrients and protection from harmful environmental influences. The natural formula contains vitamin E, almond proteins and royal jelly, which strengthens the strength and resilience of the skin, improves its structure: smoothness and firmness, and as an antioxidant slows down its aging.
Almond-NUTRITIONAL CREAM (50ml) For dry and very dry skin, it guarantees rich care intended for renewal, the necessary moisture and effective protection. Added almond proteins accelerate the renewal and growth of new cells, nourish the skin, strengthen and smooth it, and almond oil with vitamins A and E restores its natural balance, nourishes it generously and provides a feeling of comfort and softness.
Bela Skin skin care products contain herbal ingredients, nourish your skin and make it more beautiful and healthier.
• No harmful chemicals
• Free of synthetic dyes and fragrances
• GMO free
• Without palm oil
• No animal testing
• Biodegradable
• Always fresh cosmetics
• Made with love from Reutlingen (Germany)
https://www.kozmetika-afrodita.com (Made in Slovenia)
photos: http://www.weleda.de (Made in Germany)
http://www.kozmetika-afrodita.com (Made in Slovenia)

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