Every new day in life is a new opportunity for a series of beautiful moments

2020-03-02 09.33.23
Older and more experienced people say that “human life passes in an instant” or “in the blink of an eye” you are already in old age. Now that the whole planet is in particularly difficult times we need to use every day that comes in the best way. Because a whole life is a series of moments. And life passes quickly precisely because we don’t even notice many of those moments. We’re all in a hurry somewhere. No matter what your current situation is, what is happening in your lives and how you are currently feeling, think a little, slow down a bit and consciously look for these beautiful moments.
Just about every day offers us a lot of opportunities to stop at some beautiful moment, feel it, notice with all our senses and soak up. Just a few beautiful moments a day can make our life start to seem extremely rich, interesting and precious. We can look at life as a basket full of gifts – coming new and wonderful moments.
You can look forward to the sun, the singing of birds from the surrounding treetops, the wind, the rain, the ordinary cycling, the easy hiking, anything that makes you joyful and cheerful. Soak up pictures from your everyday life, pictures of sunsets and sunrises, positive people around you and their well-meaning words, human smiles, happy and harmless children’s faces. Imagine and imagine how you would like to spend the day, turn on all your brain twists. Imagination has power. Imagination helps us overcome crises. Imagination strengthens us and protects us from the once depressing everyday life. Do your best to make your inner feelings awaken happiness and optimism. Remember the beautiful moments from the past. Maybe dear people who are no longer with you. All of this can help. The enticing and wondrous moments of our imagination are endlessly inspiring.
Set aside a day off of the week for yourself — if you have this option. If it’s a normal Sunday — you’ve made a great choice. Sunday has a special intensity. It carries calmness and silence in the air. On Sundays we feel that everything has stopped. We feel that life has stopped so that we can have a day off. On Sundays, everything that happens to us is more intense. We have dropped out of the daily routine and feel different. Special, calm and light. On Sunday, all moments are precious. In one day and that little stretch of time, be completely alone in your moments. Indulge without thinking and planning for tomorrow and some future times. Live only that calm and silence that Sunday brings. Stay in the garden, on the balcony, on the meadow or glade, in the woods or any place where you feel good and calm. Where you are “on your own”. Discover new things, smells, special parts of the day, even objects, interests, try something new that you don’t normally do. The more new things and interests you find, the better and happier you will feel. You will surely feel better or the newspaper will bring a smile to your face. Let every little surprise you prepare for yourself be a special moment and a picture to remember. A nice memory for the future and something you can always give back. Wonderful and beautiful moments are everywhere and always around us. We just need to know how to discover them or create them ourselves. Long live the new researchers. Long live the new creators. I wish you a lot of success, happiness and beautiful and unforgettable moments in everything you do, how you live and how you plan to continue to live through this our earthly life.

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