13 interesting facts about Chicago

rainy chicago
cover page: photo of Eldina Bičo
Buckingham Fountain
A large and glamorous fountain is located in the city center in the popular Grant Park. She is known from the introductory spike to fans of the ultra-popular TV series “Marriage Waters” (the Bundy and Al Bundy family). With the rest of the team that has entertained us for years. Those who remember the series, the intro of the series was filmed at the fountain. The fountain actually represents Lake Michigan. The four seahorses around it represent the four states around Lake Michigan (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana). It is interesting to watch the dance of the fountain which in the evening (except with music) is complemented by lighting. Already in this place you will really like Chicago. A walk through the park and greenery where in the background you can see huge and tall skyscrapers of the city. Everything here somehow exudes a peaceful atmosphere.

Millennium Park in downtown Chicago
Next to Grant Park is Millennium Park. Millennium Park is huge and beautiful. Full of content, people of different ages and different events. In the center of the park there is a large pavilion with a stage and a meadow. Concerts are held here. People sit comfortably and casually on the grass on their rugs. They know how to make a mini picnic and enjoy all kinds of concerts and other events in the park.
The Bean
In Millennium Park is The Bean, or the beans for which the city is known today. The Bean or Cloud Gate is a sculpture that reflects the skyscrapers of the city. The sculpture looks like a bean. The beans are 10x20x13 meters in size. Visitors can walk around and under the beans. This sculpture is the main attraction of Chicago. Great place to play with reflection and camera, if you manage to find your place because the crowd is huge.
Lookout and John Hancock Building
Chicago is a rainy city and the windiest American city. If you find a strong wind and rain in the city, it is best to take shelter somewhere under the roof. The recommendation is one of the highest roofs or John Hancock buildings. The fourth tallest building in Chicago has a hundred floors. The height of the building is 344 meters (the tallest building in the city is the Willis Tower). The John Hancock building has one curiosity. It’s the so-called Tilt – a few windows lean 30 degrees out of the building while a person is standing on that window and has a feeling like they’re going to fall off the building. If the visitor finds this event creepy and scary – simply enjoy a great view of Lake Michigan.

Crown Fountain
The height of the fountain is 15 meters. The fountain has two walls 15 meters high. On these high “walls” of glass bricks are LED bulbs. Bulbs create videos of different faces. Between these “walls” is a pool into which water flows from these walls. The pool is full of children and adults. The happiest moments are when the faces on those walls open their mouths. A small waterfall of water then begins to leak from them. Definitely an unusual and interesting idea.
Chicago has numerous and varied locations from famous series and movies
In Chicago, the film Alone in the House was made, starring the most famous Christmas hero Kevin. In Chicago, the film Elm Street (starring Freddy Krueger) was made, along which you can walk.
The start of the famous “Route 66” begins in Chicago
In the very center of the city is the beginning of the legendary road – Route 66.
Al Caponea Green Mill famous cafe
Chicago is called the “city of the mafia.” Tourists and visitors to the city visit the famous cafe “Green Mill”. He can sit where Al Capone once sat. The cafe hasn’t changed much since then. Visitors have the feeling that they have stepped into history. There are allegedly so-called “mafia” tunnels under the cafe.
ohio street beach
photos: Eldina Bičo
Chicago River
A river of “interesting” name Chicago River passes through the city, along the bank of which various skyscrapers stretch. At night when the buildings light up it looks like you’ve fallen into some movie. The river stretches through the city to Lake Michigan. You can follow it to Navy Pier where there is an amusement park.
Chicago River cruise
The evening hours in Chicago are beautiful by the river. You can then get to know the city better by riding a boat and getting to know the architecture. Get to know the architecture of the city by cruising among the many skyscrapers. Recommendation: Chicago’s First Lady Cruises. The ride takes 90 minutes during. During this time, the guide tells the story of the city through the most famous buildings. Through the ride you can learn how the river has changed, the architecture of the city and the purpose of the buildings along the river itself.
Numerous celebrities were born in this city
Chicago is known for many people. Among the most famous are Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Hugh Hefner, Hillary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney and many others. Oprah Winfrey is located in the city.
Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan
pustahija čikago
photo: Chicago with its tulips in the quarantine time (photo by Eldina Bičo)
Chicago is always associated with the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bulls basketball players. The most famous basketball player is Michael Jordan. Basketball fans love to visit the United Hall. There is a statue of the best basketball player of all time – the magnificent Michael Jordan.
Chicago is a big city with big day and night crowds
The city is big. The crowds in the city are huge. It takes a lot of time from one part of the city to another. Chicago is by no means a stopover but a multi-day trip. It can be a starting point in a real American adventure because the beginning of the famous Route 66 is located in the city center.
Michigen jezero
photo: Michigan Lake by Eldina Bičo
Visitors (tourists) are recommended to tour the city of Chicago and its surroundings by the city subway or cheap Uber service.
Uber is currently the biggest competition to taxi drivers in the world. How it works? You install the Uber app on your mobile phone and request transportation, the nearest driver accepts your call and arrives in a few minutes. Uber drivers are not taxi drivers but it can be anyone who registers and has a driver’s license, well, not just anyone, Uber has to approve you. Payment goes via Uber (via card). The user pays Uber which leaves 20% of the earnings and forwards the rest to the driver. With the help of the Uber service, a lot of money can be saved. With the Uber city driving service, the user chooses the driver, which he evaluates at the end of the ride. The user chooses the size of the car, before driving the user knows the final cost and there is no unnecessary driving on some streets to get the mileage and the price was higher. Payment goes via card, via Uber. Everything is actually very simple. If there are more people in the group there is an option to share Uber. Where the Uber driver picks up more people going the same route and thus the ride is even cheaper. Warm recommendations for using Uber.





  1. I do remember the wind in Chicago! For me the interest of the city is mainly in the collection of buildings spanning a long period of time. Especially those of the Chicago School at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Enjoy the visit.

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    • Dear “Lookoom”,

      Thank you very much for your great and positive comments about this article. I appreciate it very much. Thanks for tips. Wishing you all the best. Amela.


    • Dear Mr Geri,

      You are very welcome my dear friend. Wishing you a great and unforgettable trip to a beautiful windy city of Chicago. Wishing you all the best. Amela.

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