6 strategies for more successful overcoming of the current business crisis

It is clear that no person in the whole world has been clairvoyant or could have expected a global pandemic and the development of the situation we have faced in recent months. These weeks, life is returning to a more normal course at a slow pace. Many people lose jobs and the question arises – how best can we rebuild (or strengthen) or reshape an existing business.
The American Institute for Stress Research (www.stress.org ) conducted an extensive research in which more than 50,000 employees participated. They wanted to find out the ways in which stress is most often manifested. Their answer is that stress is most often manifested through fatigue, headaches and stomach problems. It should be mentioned that the research was conducted at the beginning of 2020 (before the world was hit by the crisis). Then came a pandemic in which many stable businesses stumbled and became unstable. Thus, the level of stress increased drastically.
To this should be added the usual advice of a doctor to remove stress the fastest and easiest by mental or physical movement. Lately, mental initiation has not been recommended for known reasons. Because it can be a source of new stress. It is possible to “emerge” from the current situation with the right strategy. Business is slowly returning to normal. The question remains whether we (people) are ready for that. Every change in business requires adjustment. From employees in leading positions to all other members of the company / team.

Time heals every pain- in time we will embrace new ways of doing business. Life is changing and we will work, be organized and do business differently. It is clear to all people that a lot of work can be done by email and phone calls. This transition will be as challenging as any transition in the past. The adjustment should be implemented slowly.

Connecting with other people is essential — any crisis is the right time to strengthen team spirit. Clearer and stronger support systems are being created. This usually requires a leader who will have answers to questions and give guidance in their work. Sometimes it is enough to listen, offer advice or give appropriate motivation. Anyone can do that.
Something needs to be offered to customers for free – try to offer a service / item to customers for free. For small companies, it is best to organize online workshops to create a business plan. For large international companies, give suggestions for quality leisure time. In times of crisis, it is important to show initiative.
It is good to plan the future — the future will happen because that is how life flows. There is no reason to wait for him to be unprepared. The fact is that there will be many changes. It is important to adjust in time. Digitizing at least one part of business processes is a good start. We know that every start is difficult, but your job / business (and employees) will be grateful later.
Understanding is a good strategy — it’s hard for all people today. Interpersonal relationships are paramount. Some people find it much easier to adapt to new situations; other people need more time. Haste is not the solution. Understanding towards business partners or colleagues in turbulent circumstances is very important and will become even more important. Give yourself and others time.
Readiness is important – the time of transition or post-pandemic is the age of strategists. Strategists will shine and show their true strength. Looking at the bigger picture and readiness for good and bad outcomes (results) will make a team or company more complex and strong. This will make potentially good results better. All possible damages will be reduced. The initiative is most needed today. A successful strategy will improve any business, regardless of the circumstances. A good, realistic and achievable plan and good planning will show great results and success in the long run.

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