It is important to the users that the coffee is delicious

05.08.2017 1429
The most frequently offered coffees in cafes, shops and restaurants are Robusta and Arabica.
Arabica is certainly the most popular type of coffee. Although most coffee lovers choose Arabica (better known as Arabic coffee) solely for the sake of taste. Arabica coffee beans are more commonly used to make black coffee. Arabic coffee is considered to be the first type to be grown. Arabica beans have a sweeter and more complex taste if used without additives. It is an interesting fact that Arabica contains less caffeine than Robusta, although Arabica is a more popular coffee among coffee lovers.
This species has a bitter taste. It is more often used for the preparation of espresso and instant coffee. Robusta has a higher proportion of caffeine.
The most famous and popular coffee options:
Black coffee: A simple black beverage bitter or sweet always tastes good (even plain coffee beans dipped in hot water give a perfect taste).
Coffee with milk: is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is prepared by pouring warm milk with a little foam into black coffee. Various spices (vanilla or cinnamon) can be added to this drink.
Cappuccino: is a coffee with a little more foam than milk. It is often decorated with cocoa or cinnamon powder. Sometimes sweet cream can be added instead of milk foam.
American coffee: It tastes similar to black coffee. This type of coffee has a milder taste because it is prepared with more water. When preparing it in your home, first make an espresso and add more hot water.
Espresso: is a favorite coffee of some people. It can be drunk plain espresso or used as a base for other coffee drinks (for example coffee with milk).
Cortado: Cortado is the perfect ratio of espresso and warm milk. Milk is used to soften the sour taste of espresso.
Extended coffee: A little hot water from the coffee machine is added to the espresso. It is served in a small cup.
Macchiato: It is also prepared as an espresso and a very small amount of foam is added.
Coffee with chocolate: It is a chocolate espresso drink to which milk and foam are added.
Irish coffee: It consists of black coffee, whiskey and sugar. It is decorated with whipped cream.


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