Tips for better joint mobility and movement with ease

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Joint discomfort and stiffness of the body due to daily activities are common due to the normal aging process. Proper nutrition as part of a comprehensive treatment plan can be a contribution to the fight for better health and more mobile joints. You can include certain targeted ingredients in your diet with new habits in your daily life that will contribute to better mobility, flexibility, healthy cartilage, better muscle function, connective tissue and strong and healthy bones.
1. Legumes-inflammation of the joints is the primary source of collagen loss and cartilage deterioration. Legumes are great for these health problems because they abound in anti-inflammatory properties. Proteins in legumes regenerate cartilage (beans, peas, peanuts and others).
2. Reducing excess body weight – this is one of the leading problems in the world. Excess weight creates additional pressure on joint structures that ultimately can not “cope” with inappropriate weight. Research says that obese people are more prone to degenerative changes and cartilage deterioration than people of appropriate body weight.
3. Water is the source of life – water is necessary for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body. Water is good for cartilage, skin, metabolism and muscle tissues. Cartilage volume consists of 65-80 percent water which gives it the ability to compress. Proper hydration is essential for cartilage health.
4. Orange – one of the main components of cartilage is collagen. It is a protein for the production of which the human body needs vitamin C, which contributes to the construction of collagen and cell healing (which is an additional aid in the regeneration and protection of cartilage). Vitamin C is found in oranges, kiwis, red peppers, kale and strawberries. In addition to cartilage health, collagen is important for the youthful appearance of the skin. Liquid collagen is a delicious beverage that can be drunk on its own or as an addition to a smoothie. Liquid collagen is an innovative product that delivers essential micro-nutrients in liquid form.
5. Nuts-almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. They contain manganese an important element for cartilage regeneration. One should not overdo the consumption of nuts because although small fruits (by size) are rich in calories. This is especially true for people who need to lose weight due to osteoarthritis.
6. Broccoli – contains vitamin K essential for bone and joint health. This vitamin is found in many green foods especially in broccoli. You will increase your intake of vitamin K if you prepare cooked broccoli with olive oil (which contains vitamin K).
7. Physical activity – low-load exercises (swimming, cycling, walking, or walking) that reduce body weight and also help healthier cartilage are preferred. Excessive exposure of the human body to various heavier exercises can cause cartilage damage. Regular and reasonable physical exercise will keep the body in shape and increase the strength and endurance of the individual. It helps for better bone density thus preventing osteoporosis in later years. If your “dry” exercises are difficult and painful – try doing them in water. The ability of the human body to float in water facilitates movement in water and gives a better feeling of flexibility. If you already have severe cartilage and joint problems, seek medical advice before any physical exercise. Cartilage injuries can permanently cause damage that leads to arthritis. Before starting any sport, prevention and advice from experts is crucial.
8. Mediterranean diet – can reduce inflammatory markers and cartilage deterioration in people with osteoarthritis – research has shown in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging. Mediterranean diet protects against heart disease, dementia, diabetes and other health problems.


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