In the presence of a person with positive energy we always feel better

It is easy to recognize people with positive energy. In their presence and association with them we always feel better morally and physically. These people can just keep quiet and sit, silently read the newspaper, or talk about any important or unimportant topic. We will be better off in their company. They can tell fairy tales or jokes, sing, dance awkwardly or do anything – other people with them in society get a stronger desire for life and their mood suddenly improves positively. People with positive energy may not be aware of their abilities at all. These phenomena bring joy, infuse strength to other people and give a desire for life. With their presence, these people help even seriously ill people by improving their mood and giving them feelings of joy and happiness. That is their main feature.
There is no say positive and negative energy. Maybe this is true. The fact is that for some people life energy is converted into toxic radiation or poisonous gas while for other people energy is converted into nectar and the elixir of life. Life energy depends on a person, his soul and attitude towards other people.
This positive person is not necessarily a saint or an embodiment of virtue. That person’s soul is good. There is love for people in that person. There is compassion for other people in that person. It is possible that people with positive energy are neither too strong nor too young, but with them life energy turns into a cure for other people. The existence of such people is a cure and salvation for many other people.
In the presence of positive people, plants come to life, animals heal and people recover. An almost imperceptible influx of energy and a slight smile that appear in the presence of such a man – are the beginning of healing. You distract thoughts from the problem; your attention turns from illness to that man. Then “good thoughts” appear that suppress the bad.
Thus people with positive energy influence others. It would be nice to support them and show sympathy because that way we will be thankful for the energy they convey to us. Even these positive people always need kindness and kindness. This is how balance is restored. It is very important that there is a balance in energy exchange.

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