Personal energy frequency shapes and changes life experience

We often call some people “lucky” because they can easily bring to life anything they want. The explanation lies in a fascinating phenomenon known as personal energy frequency. It is an invisible force that shapes the life experience of each individual.
The idea that energy or vibrations can shape someone’s reality is nothing new. Different cultures have historically profited from the use of different forms of energy. For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi to focus their energy on health and relaxation.
Today, scientific research reveals that each person has a personal energy frequency or form of energy that dictates what circumstances and events we will attract into our lives. In 2002, psychiatrist and awareness researcher Dr. David Hawkins published a book called “Power vs. Force “. The data published in the book led to scientific confirmation that all objects possess energy, energy that vibrates at the so-called. scale of awareness.
How does the scale work? Imagine you have a scale of 1-1000. 1000 represents the highest level of consciousness that man can achieve. When you reached this level of consciousness, then you would be enlightened. At the other end of the scale are those who have almost no level of consciousness. To find out where people are on that scale, Dr. Hawkins used a muscle test and Cinesiology.
Heavy emotions like fear, anger or shame vibrate at lower frequencies. Emotions like love, happiness and peace vibrate at higher frequencies. Currently, the average level of consciousness on Earth is 207, and the reason for this is that throughout life we ​​accumulate a lot of energy blockages and negative conditions that move us away from higher vibrations.
Every man should weigh the number 500 or higher on the scale. The data say that 500 – the vibration of love on the scale of consciousness. When we vibrate at this level, life becomes significantly different. Love, happiness and abundance become part of our reality. Pain, stress and problems disappear. We become a magnet for what we truly want.
Dr. Hawkins discovered that our energy, conscious level affected us, our lives, and the people around us. One person functioning at the 500 level of consciousness can raise 750,000 other people above the 200 level on the consciousness scale.

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