The first sign of vitamin C deficiency is a feeling of pressure in the eyes

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Vitamin C is often lacking in summer. The first feeling of a deficiency of this vitamin is pressure in the eyes sometimes accompanied by a mild headache. For that reason, lemonades are a lifeline during hot days and strong summer temperatures.
Lemonade with turmeric
Lemonade with turmeric can be part of a regular meal. Turmeric brings a lot of benefits to the whole body. It is rich in natural substances that have an anti-inflammatory effect, slow down the growth of cancer cells and lower cholesterol. It cures depression. This drink has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Significantly raises immunity and improves nutrient absorption. The list of medicinal benefits of turmeric is truly fascinating. Perhaps the most interesting property of this drink is that it acts as a powerful natural remedy for depression. While Prozac and other pharmaceutical drugs cause serious side effects, including shortness of breath, stomach bleeding, and suicidal thoughts, lemonade with turmeric is completely natural and harmless.
Lemonade with turmeric
• 4 cups cold water
• 2 tablespoons turmeric powder
• 4 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup
• 1 lemon or lime
• 1 orange as desired
• 1 pinch of black pepper
Preparation – put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. If you have diabetes, put stevia instead of honey or maple syrup. And instead of oranges you can put another lemon. Pour into glasses. Serve with slices of organically grown lemon. Stir with each consumption (because turmeric settles to the bottom of the glass).
A simple drink: a refreshing lemonade with mint
• juice of 1 lemon
• 2 tablespoons sugar, honey, malt or stevia.
• A small bunch of fresh mint
• 1 l of water
Preparation – squeeze a lemon, add sugar (or some other sweetener), water and mix with mint. Leave to stand for at least half an hour before use. Serve with ice cubes.
Lemonade with honey and ginger
Difficulty of preparation: very light
Preparation time: 10 min
Number of persons: 4
• 1 lemon
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 800 ml of water
• 3 cm of ginger
Preparation: Peel the ginger with a spoon. Chop into rolls. Drain the lemon. Add all the ingredients (water, honey, chopped ginger, lemon juice) to the juicer. Mix briefly until the honey melts. Serve immediately (cold or heated).


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