Aromatherapy relieves stress

2020-05-18 12.26.32
Lovers and connoisseurs of aromatic herbs say that the sense of smell can be “awakened” by aromatic herbs. Scientists have proven that aromatherapy is almost certainly the most effective method of relieving stress. The only more effective methods (than aromatherapy) to relieving stress are meditation and physical exercise. Every time you feel anxiety, increased stress and anxiety with aromatic herbs, increase your sense of smell and solve (alleviate) these problems.
Sandalwood oil solves the incessant birch-massage a few drops of this oil on the chest. Close your eyes. Sit up straight and breathe deeply. Deep breathing will further deepen the sense of smell. At the same time it will calm the mind.
Peppermint oil for mild headaches or depression — put a few drops of this oil on your forehead and back of your neck. Take 10 to 15 deep breaths and exhale. Keep peppermint oil close to your nose at all times.
Sweet marjoram oil for headaches and anxiety – after a warm bath, put 3 drops of this oil on your hands. Add one tablespoon of body lotion. Rub this mixture into the abdomen and chest area in a circular motion.
Chamomile oil for panic attacks – put one drop of chamomile oil on each palm. Apply it to your face. While applying the oil on your face, breathe slowly. A deep breath of chamomile oil will calm you down very quickly.

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