Minor home repairs that you can do by yourself

2020-05-18 08.56.56
In times of global economic crisis and recession, any money savings come in handy. In order to have minimal costs and upsets, it is good to know how to do simple home repairs. If you are willing to invest a little effort and time by yourself you can do a lot of repairs in your home.
A leaking faucet — a constantly leaking faucet causes stubborn limescale stains and unnecessary costs. This problem can be solved effectively in a few steps. First close the main water valve (under the sink or sink) Then open the tap. For old fittings, open the tap completely and unscrew it with pliers. You get the same result if you use pipe pliers. You can unscrew the valve with a suitable wrench. Then you will see a small razor. This razor becomes porous over time. It often causes tap dripping. The razor is fastened with a small nut which you also need to unscrew with a suitable wrench. Replace the old porous razor with a new one. Screw all parts in reverse order again. Lubricate the internal thread with faucet grease. When buying a faucet, make sure it is easy to maintain. That it can be easily disassembled into parts and that the parts of the faucet are of high quality.
Doors often jam – doors often jam when they are closed for a long time. Sometimes they don’t close well and don’t fit well into the frame. You can put a thin metal hoop on the shackles. In this way, the door was lifted off the floor. Storing the door on the closet can be solved by placing a piece of cardboard pillow under the legs of the closet.
The creaking of the door — can be very irritating. This problem is solved easily. A stick handle or some other lever is placed under the door. So the door lever is raised. Then the door should be put on the shackles. Lubricate the door with a little machine oil. Move the door up and down, left and right. Then lower the door into the tray. Spilled oil should be wiped off immediately.

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