The hiccups stop when someone slightly frightens us or we chew on an ice cube

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Hiccups are known to be the result of uncontrolled convulsions of the diaphragm (layered harmlessly. If repeated for days or weeks could be a symptom of pneumonia, kidney disease, esophagus or gastritis. In this case it is best to consult a doctor.
Folk methods for stopping hiccups:
When we want to stop hiccups that only last a few minutes — we can eat and drink slowly and more slowly. There are a number of tricks by which we can stop hiccups quickly and easily. The most common and well-known trick is to tilt your head back slightly. Hold your breath, count to ten and exhale. Carbon dioxide retention will relax the diaphragm and stop hiccups.
The same effect is achieved if we plug the ears for 20-30 seconds. Press the soft area behind the earlobe with your fingers.
When no one is looking at you, you can stick out your tongue. This method allows for easier flow of breath. It also stops hiccups.
Breathe into your hands on your mouth and nose
Cover your mouth and nose with your hands. Continue breathing normally for the next few seconds. This will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. The body will forget about hiccups because it will be preoccupied with releasing carbon dioxide.
Press hard with your thumb or palm
The harder and better the thumb of one hand presses the palm of the other hand. You can press the tip of your left thumb with your right index finger. Hold for 30 seconds. Such a mild pain will distract the nervous system from hiccups.
Drink on a straw and cover your ears
Drink nine or ten quick consecutive sips of water. It will be more effective if you plug the ears and do the same procedure over a straw. Instead of plugging the ears, you can press the place where the jaw line and the neck join (behind the ears).
Chew a cube of sugar or ice
An effective remedy for hiccups is to “suck” an ice cube. Popular methods include dissolving a sugar cube in the mouth. Instead of sugar, you can use a cube (piece) of ginger or a slice of fresh lemon.
Fear can stop hiccups
You can stop persistent hiccups by asking a friend (or family member) to scare you slightly. Any distraction from the hiccups (change in breathing cycle) helps to stop the hiccups.

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