It is very practical to leave a clove of garlic overnight in the toilet bowl

2020-05-15 10.17.33
It is practical, although it is not common to put a little garlic in the toilet bowl. You can use a clove of garlic or make a liquid from garlic. This is completely natural and harmless. It is also very effective because it removes bacteria in the toilet bowl.
This trick works as follows: garlic contains the substance allicin. Allicin gives garlic a strong and specific scent. Allicin is very effective in fighting bacteria and fungi in our body and in unexpected places where there are bacteria (for example in the toilet). The application is simple. Place one slice of peeled garlic in the toilet bowl (it is best to leave it overnight when the toilet is not used or used infrequently). Let it float until the next morning when you just need to let the water run. Just do this twice a week. There will be much less bacteria in the shell. Garlic reportedly works successfully against yellow deposits in the toilet bowl.

Liquid garlic cleanser: chop three cloves of garlic, boil 2 dl of water in a bowl, add garlic, remove everything from the stove and let it stand covered for 15 minutes. Rinse the toilet with this liquid, but do not flush immediately afterwards, let it stand in the liquid overnight. This cleanser is natural. It does not harm either health or nature. The trick may be weird but if it doesn’t help it won’t hurt.


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