7 tips from British Chef Jamie Oliver for a healthy life and novice chefs

Cover page: http://www.pixabay.com
The key to everything is balance. This applies to cooking. Renowned British chef Jamie Oliver has given 7 tips for all chefs who are beginners in the business and people who want to engage in cooking in their lives (amateur or professional).
1. Cooking starts from scratch- cooking is one of life’s most important skills. Every person can and should learn to cook at least one dish. This allows us to have complete control over the foods and food we eat or our meals.
2. The diet should be balanced – the goal is to have a daily diet that contains foods from each group in even and accurate proportions. These foods include: fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat and dairy products.
3. The diet should be varied – a popular term among chefs is “eat the rainbow”. That means we need to eat a variety of foods. We need to get a sufficient amount of various fruits and vegetables into our body every day. In this way, we take sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals into our body.
4. People understand what they eat — every person should learn and understand the food they eat. This is how people understand the origin of food, that is, where what we eat comes from. Also, this way people better understand how these foods affect our body.
5. People need to ingest nutritious calories- Consumers should be careful and know that most energy comes through nutrients. These substances give the human body enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and good fats and fewer empty calories.
6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — breakfast is not in vain the most important meal of any new day. Stimulates metabolism. It helps us stay awake throughout the day. A nutritious and healthy breakfast gives the body strength and energy to get through a new day.
7. Consumers should read lowercase letters on food packaging — it is important to find the bags and read lowercase letters (preferably the entire contents) on the food packaging. It is important to understand what all of these ingredients mean. For example, not all emulsifiers are bad emulsifiers. Too many emulsifiers in one place is usually a bad sign. Consumers should pay attention to the portion of sugar and sugar. Check the instructions and the appearance of the food in detail.


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