Rollerblading is one of the most fun outdoor activities

cover page:
It is known that rollerblading is one of the most fun outdoor activities. Indulging in the movements when rolling helps with weight loss. Between 30 and 310 calories are lost in 30 minutes of rolling at a steady pace. For example, a woman with a body weight of 75 kilograms loses 9 calories in one minute of rolling or loses 270 calories in 30 minutes of rolling. The faster people roll the more body weight they lose. Even better news is that during rolling, fat tissue turns into muscle.
You can roll for hours without any feeling of fatigue. Beginners in this sport are recommended to roll for half an hour to two hours a day. Thus they achieve good balance and improve reflexes. Also, this way people-beginners in rollerblading can get used to the feeling of lightness and freedom. Roll on a slight slope if you want to increase endurance. Rollerblading improves coordination and body balance. It increases the flexibility of the body. This physical activity forces people to bring the body into balance and find the center of gravity. It uses the strength of the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the lower body.
Rollerblading is a great cardiac exercise for the heart because it strengthens the heart. Half an hour of rolling at a steady pace increases your heart rate by about 148 beats per minute. In addition to rollerblading to strengthen the heart, good activities are running and exercising on a stationary bike without causing a feeling of fatigue. You can further increase the aerobic benefits of rolling by rolling uphill or by changing the rolling speed (interval rolling).
This physical activity clears the mind and improves mood. Fast repetitive movements help people focus better. They give the brain a break from the sounds that people are constantly surrounded by. If you roll in a quiet park without any noise, the music helps to catch the rhythm. When rolling on the road, it is not recommended to listen to music with headphones on. Then it is important to pay attention to traffic and yourself.
Fluid movements when rolling prevent joint damage. This type of damage can happen by rollerblading, dancing or running. Rolling puts 50% less strain on the joints when compared to running. This means that half an hour of rollerblading gives the same health benefits as half an hour of running but without straining the joints.

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