A mobile camper that “turns” into a two-story house is an increasingly sought-after product among consumers

Given the current limitations of available air travel, people are looking for new ways to travel and explore destinations. They keep in mind the recommendations on social distancing. That is why the number of people who want to get a camper for their holidays has increased. On the other hand, many do not want to stray too far from the comfort of their own home. Using mobile campers, you can travel and enjoy your four walls at the same time.
The Dutch company HAAKS has designed Opperland mobile campers made of quality and durable materials that turn into a two-story house measuring 400 x 228 x 252 centimetres.
They blend in and out perfectly with the Fiat Ducata. With the modified van model, you can move them to any location. When you find the perfect camping spot, push the mobile camper to the ground at the touch of a button. The hydraulic legs will fix the housing to the desired position.
Inside the camper there is a kitchen with a sink, an induction hob and a mini fridge. Solar panels in combination with batteries enable the operation of all devices. There is also a built-in bench with a table where you can eat all meals, a mini toilet and a bathroom with shower.
On the second floor there is a bedroom. Next to the kitchen there are stairs leading to the top of the camper (with an automatically adjustable roof). A mattress for a double bed fits on the roof. The bedroom has a window that looks directly at the sky.
The price of a mobile camper with a Fiat Ducat is around 130,000 euros.

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