Advantages and disadvantages of the way of doing business (living) as a “freelancer”

2020-03-02 09.32.37
More and more people in the world choose to work as a freelancer or “freelance artist”. In recent months, we have witnessed the rise of work from home becoming our reality. This is a job like any other job. You can enjoy this business if you truly love it. Also, you can do this job for years.
Advantages of “freelance” jobs:
– the advantages are, of course, freedom of movement and work from any location in the world,
– Possibility to choose clients and associates
– organization of one’s own time
Of course, not everything is so beautiful. There are a lot of flaws in this mode. A lot of people think you sleep until 12 so you draw, translate, write or meditate a little bit. Then ideas come out of you and you get some rest at 17. All the people who have succeeded as freelancers have spent countless sleepless nights with a laptop. They applied for hundreds of competitions. At the same time, the director and the secretary and the designer and the cleaner were in their craft.
Disadvantages of “freelance” jobs:
– financial insecurity, especially in the beginning, which you do not have when you work somewhere for a salary and you know that it is waiting for you every first or fifteenth date of the month,
– countless sleepless nights with a laptop or phone (which are necessary partners of every successful freelancer or businessman and a crucial factor of success)
-in this job you are a director, secretary, designer, cleaner-all in one
-work hours are not standardized from 9 to 17 or similar but you work when you get a job and work until you finish work (day and night)
-you can have a lot of freelance jobs at once or none for a long time (you need to be mentally prepared for this fact)
-90% of work takes place via laptop or phone, so it is necessary to have quality technological equipment and quality signal / operator
-you need to have separate times a day to talk to clients and for creative work that can be difficult with all the distraction.
-a break from technology and this job for at least a few days is difficult to perform because you need to be constantly available to customers.
I think all those who want to succeed as freelancers need to know that just because they don’t have a boss doesn’t mean they don’t have to be in the workplace from 8 to 16, that they can work, say, only at night or only when they have inspiration. It’s hard to succeed if you’re not available to clients who mostly work standard hours. It’s hard to work with you then if you’re doing your best since 20.
In order to succeed in this, as in any other business, it takes a lot of work, knowledge, skills, sacrifice and sitting at the computer. You need to be mentally ready to “meet” a handful of problems and mistakes. Everyone would like to know what it takes to succeed in the business of “freelancer” (as well as any other business) And it would be much easier if there was a formula for success. The industry is extremely competitive and the rules of the “game” change from month to month. The only thing you can do is be persistent, improve yourself, constantly acquire new knowledge and skills, and keep working. Success is then quite feasible and possible.

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