5 healthy habits for people of all generations

2020-05-22 07.14.27
There are many reasons why all people gain weight. These are mostly poor quality meals, snacks and insufficient water consumption during the day. In addition to exercise, there are simple tricks that can help us get back into good physical shape.
1. Keep healthy snacks in the fridge — keep healthy snacks even though we know it’s more fun to have cookies in the fridge. Healthy snacks will satisfy a sudden and annoying hunger. Healthy snacks are: yogurt, cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits, almonds and integral crackers.
2. Fresh breath suppresses appetite-experts suggest that we always carry a small travel toothbrush with us. Peppermint (from toothpaste) prevents cravings for food. Brushing your teeth after every meal (even after a cup of coffee) is a good idea. Teeth become whiter and the desire for food is gone. If wearing a toothbrush is impractical, chewing gum with menthol or hard menthol candies (without sugar) are an adequate replacement.
3. Exercise indoors- if you spend all day or at least a large part of the day at a laptop or desk or home computer the consequences will be on your body shape. There are countless exercises on the internet that you can do in a sitting position. Try to do the exercises at least three times a week to stay fit. It would be good to use each coffee / tea break for a short walk.
4. You should drink a lot of water – one can of carbonated drink has 175 calories (excess) that we add to the body. Water will not deposit unnecessary calories. The more water during the day, the better for the body.
5. Large lunch salad. A salad can be a complete meal. Lettuce is filling and also a great source of fiber. You can make a salad from different mixed vegetables. Add protein (chicken or turkey), cheese or chickpeas. Try not to use salad dressings. Instead of a variety of salad dressings, use lemon and vinegar.


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