The crystal ring on the left hand amplifies that person’s senses

The person’s senses are enhanced by wearing a crystal ring on his left hand. When the crystal is on the right hand its power is directed towards the environment. Although many people do not believe in the strength and power of crystals, they wear and use crystals every day as components of bracelets, earrings, rings and even watches. They are under the influence of crystals every day. Man is most often unaware of the energy that each crystal radiates. The radiation energy depends on the size and type of crystal and the material with which it is surrounded.
The ring worn on the corresponding finger acts as a source of strong energy. A man usually wears a crystal that he likes. Make no mistake, because the choice at first glance is usually the right and best choice. Tips for wearing crystals are not some mystical knowledge. People who wear crystals along with jewelry should not believe that crystals with their incredible powers will fulfill all incredible desires. It should be remembered that crystals are made of natural materials. The energy of the crystal is natural and beneficial. The energy of the crystal is not miraculous and mysterious.
Crystal objects do not have to be worn only on the fingers. In doing so, it is important to choose the right stone for the right part of the body. Then the energy of the crystal will be used properly and completely. Crystal jewelry is extremely powerful. There are no similar fashion ornaments and details that have been used with equal fervor (in almost unchanged form) by women (and men) for thousands of years. Crystal jewelry was used in ancient Egypt, Rome, India and China until today. There is great power in a small stone (crystal) for example “lapis lazuli”, which was worn in the ring by pharaohs and kings. Most people who use crystal jewelry never get into its secrets even though crystals are still magnetically attracted to them.
Lapis lazuli-strengthens knowledge, intellect, logic and memory
Garnet-increases self-confidence and humanity
Pearl-strengthens the love of others
Carnelian-increases the desire to achieve goals
Turquoise crystal for relaxation and calming
Sodalite — for peace of mind
Chrysolite — to merge consciousness with the environment
Middle finger
Amethyst-strengthens creativity and inspiration
Sapphire-directs to noble goals
Ruby-for inner beauty, pure and conscious soul
Ruby — for beauty recognition
Diamond-for strengthening bonds of love
Emerald-encouraging new ideas
The tiger’s eye — encourages creative action
Turquoise-to connect intuition and practicality
Opal-stimulating human action
Little finger
Pearl-strengthens organizational skills
Turquoise – to soothe tension and stress
Aventurine-brings new possibilities
Our body has a side that receives influences from the environment and a side that transmits them. You will understand this best if you compare the human body with a telephone handset on which one side of you receives sound, while on the other side you speak and transmit your signal / voice. The left side of the body (especially the hand) receives environmental influences including crystal radiation. The right side of the body is the transmitter. It is the side that emits radiation. The hands are extremely important extreme parts of the body in human life. The hand is the basic organ we use to make physical contact with the environment. The fingers are then a kind of canal. Each finger receives or sends a specific property (or energy). Certain crystals can increase and strengthen this energy.
People don’t usually take a ring off their hand for almost a lifetime. That is why the crystals in the ring have a strong influence on a person throughout his life.
The thumb is a finger on which a man should not wear jewelry all his life. The thumb symbolizes the power of will and desire. It belongs to the deepest parts of the human being. When receiving or sending, the thumb radiates these properties.
The index finger receives messages from the environment. It affects a person’s karma, goals, hopes and desires. The energy of the crystal worn on the index finger strengthens the conscious and unconscious messages of the human being. At the same time, it sends them from the right side of the body to the environment in which the person lives.
The middle finger receives and directs facts (related to intuition, enlightenment, and upbringing) into the environment. The middle finger is important for sending a man’s feelings.
The ring finger (fourth finger) sends and receives all impulses related to creativity and love.
The little finger is in charge of changes and new ideas.

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