Frequent and regular use of disinfectants cannot harm your health

2020-05-15 10.17.33
Due to the corona-virus pandemic, everyone is making an extra effort to keep their distance from others. People avoid touching the face. Keep your hands clean. For many people, this means using hand sanitizers too often.
The question is whether excessive hygiene can lead to a counter-effect and worsen the state of immunity?
Dr. En Liu says that in this situation (in which the whole world finds itself) there are no things like washing too often or disinfecting your hands too often.
“There is no scientific basis to suggest that hand cleansers or soaps could affect someone’s immune system or affect bacterial resistance,” says An Liu.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using hand sanitizers regularly (with at least 70 percent of alcohol) when water and soap are not available.
“The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers does not cause antibiotic resistance. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs quickly and in a different way from antibiotics. There is no chance that germs will adapt or develop resistance,” the CDC said.
But there is a way for bacteria (despite frequent disinfection) to penetrate the body.
“I’ve seen that in some people, washing and disinfecting their hands too often causes dry, cracked skin. This creates the conditions and opens the way for bacteria to enter the skin,” says Dr. Liu.

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