A few tips to make a cell phone battery last longer (charge it 25 to 85% never completely)

2020-05-25 12.32.11
A cell phone is the device we use the most every day. Frequent use leads to excessive battery consumption. After a while, the battery weakens and charges more slowly. There is a way to prolong its lifespan – states the American portal Reader’s Digest.
Battery life generally consists of 500 full cycles (about a year and a half).
The battery cycle is measured on a single full charge from 0 to 100.
The more full cycles a mobile phone goes through, the sooner we need to change it – says Liz Hamilton, director of the Customer and Customer Service Department at Mobile Klinik. The company is engaged in repairing mobile phones.
There is one charging method that will save the battery from lasting longer. The phone should only be partially charged to slow down the discharge of the battery. Ideally, it is always between 25 and 85% – claims Hamilton. “It hurts your battery the most if you fully charge your cell phone, or up to 100%. A lot of people do that. They’re not even aware that what they’re doing is bad for their device.” Care should also be taken that the battery does not drop to total zero. If the battery is still fully charged, unplug the charger as soon as possible. Decrease screen brightness and turn off some features you don’t use – location, apps, notifications.

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