4 elements to unlock creativity

2020-03-02 09.32.37
Although there is “chaos” in the human brain, there are four elements that indicate that people are creative beings. Research by the Success web portal states that every person’s brain is capable of creating creativity.
There are many types of creativity in the world, so to this day it has not been discovered why every brain can create creativity and in what ways. There is no human brain that we can say by research is creative. Even neuroscience (the science that deals with the study of certain parts of the brain and the connection with a certain cognitive function) has not succeeded in that until today. Creativity is immeasurable. Creativity is human imagination, innovation and resourcefulness, and at the same time a combination of these three qualities.
However, there are four elements that help detect creativity in people:
1. Somewhat different people (from most people) are creative — for years, creativity has been measured by how many solutions we can find for a particular problem. To measure respondents ’creativity, researchers often asked respondents to come up with as many stories as possible about a simple subject (e.g., paper). Recent studies show that divergence is not the only or the most important indicator of creativity. Following logical steps towards a solution is also important. It is important to have a sense of showing and connecting. Psychologists agree on the theory of the five great traits of each personality: extroversion, conscientiousness, like ability, neuroticism, and openness to experience. The theory says that intellect represents a strong working memory, pattern recognition and logical reasoning in the natural sciences. A person may not write the most beautiful songs or play a great guitar but that person will solve problems in an elegant and effective way. It will make progress in every area. Creativity is reflected through professional things, and solving and harmonizing emotional living.
2. People who have an “open” view of experience can be creative – the Institute for the Imagination states that people who have an openness to experience also have a better chance of artistic creativity. Such people like to travel, try new dishes, try new adventures. All of this is inspiration for creating art from hedonistic pleasures. Curious people connect different things from which they get new ideas. The smallest details can lead them to create great works (writing a novel, renovating a house, … etc.). These people have a hard time keeping their attention. Many things from the environment can distract them. It is a double-edged sword. Distractions on the one hand hinder them from doing a great deed. On the other hand, it shows that these people really care about everything in life. For them, every new content is = a new inspiration. So people with attention deficit disorder can be creative geniuses. The most important thing is to find balance in everything.
3. Motivation leads to success – You do not need to keep your creativity to yourself. People’s creativity is often closely related to fantasy and imagination. Such people are not always down to earth and realistic. They run away from reality and so-called “business” plans that would profit from creativity. Their strengths are not organization, focusing or planning. The motivation of these people is minimal and depends on the role model in the other person. However, intrinsic motivation (personal interests and desires) is the strongest driver of motivation. It leads to greater satisfaction than external rewards. So it is better to apply independently for the competition (for the best designs or the best story) than to wait for your family (friends) to apply because by applying independently you will be more motivated for success and creation.
4. Cooperation is an important link in creative people – the chaotic nature of creativity experiences its expansion best in creative work. The best way to do business is when people from different industries and industries meet in one place. Then each person can see the situation from their own angle. As all people are creative, PR, director, secretary, salespeople and others should sit at the same table in the company. All people are important for the job (completion of the project) because each person has their own idea. If a person is not in a team but works independently, it is important to remember that creativity means cooperation (at least internal). It is important for creatives to harmonize first of all with themselves and to sort out the chaos that creativity brings. Creativity ultimately means working with yourself, the whole world, and the entire planet.

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