Mila Halal Cosmetics is a natural cosmetic by Halal standards

Milla Halal cosmetics
The Hladnik family from Croatia created the company “Mila Halal Cosmetics” in 1990. Over time, the company has become a leading company in the production of hygiene products (soaps and shampoos) and cosmetics. The company eventually formed as a manufacturer of brands of large retail chains. The company Milla annually “launches” more than 150 new items on the market. The key to success is the ability to cheaply produce small batches of products in a short time (and at affordable prices). The idea of ​​the Hladnik family (Zagreb, Croatia) to start a business with medicinal creams was born in the early nineties. proved to be very successful. Commercialization soon began: in 1990, the first line of Milla cosmetics was created, which the Hladnik family successfully presented at international fairs. The first creams of the Hladnik family became famous for their penetration into the skin. This brought them countless awards and gold medals from various innovative gatherings. This was a sign that product development needed to continue.
Milla 2
The concept of halal cosmetics has customers in the Middle East and North Africa, but also in other parts of the world. Mila’s popular products are soaps and shampoos in a one-liter package. Mila Halal Cosmetics owes its competitiveness to large and continuous investments in new machines and production processes. Mila procures raw materials for its products mainly in Europe (Italy and Germany) and to a lesser extent in China.
Halal cosmetics and halal foods require a certain choice of raw materials. Mila’s slogan is to make their products good for the skin. That is why they make a special selection of raw materials. They found the same principle in the halal standard. They concluded that their halal certificate is very similar. The Halal certificate corresponds to their mode of operation. So they started to deal with it, because they realized that it is a very high quality principle. Halal certification (principle) allows a special selection of raw materials, to remove bad elements for the skin (alcohol) and some elements of animals and ingredients of animal origin.

“We combined natural cosmetics and the halal standard and got a very high-quality approach,” Milla Halal cosmetics said.
face care
for nutrition, protection and complete facial skin care
• hand and body creams
• body care
for the recovery of dry skin and treatments for sensitive skin without irritation, for daily maintenance of healthy skin without drying out
• nail cosmetics
• baby care
for the care and protection of sensitive baby skin
• sun care & protection
for simultaneous care and protection of the skin from drying out and sunburn
• office care cosmetics
for the comprehensive treatment of people, devices and spaces in which modern man spends the most time, for the care and protection of skin from drying out, dust and other adverse effects of enclosed spaces and stressful environment
Address: Milla d.o.o.
• S. DraganiÊa 5
HR – 10090 Zagreb
• tel.
++385 1 3885 900
++385 1 3885 800
• fax.
++385 1 3734 914
• email:
• Importer for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ripping d.o.o. Sarajevo, Kurta Schorca 8, tel: 033/461 941
• Importer for Slovenia: Stocklot d.o.o., Kranj, Mirka vadnova 19, tel: 059/015 220
• Importer for Serbia: Milla Kozmetika d.o.o. Belgrade, Bul. M.Pupina 10 / E, tel: 011/21 47 721
• Importer The Northern Republic of Macedonia: Lidermen dooel, Bukureöka 49, Skopje, tel: 02/20 50 791

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