Watching television for hours makes children more aggressive

2020-03-02 09.32.44
Parents and guardians should restrict children from watching TV. A 2016 U.S. study investigated aggressive behavior in preschool children. They tried to find the cause of this behavior. They tried to find out if these conditions could be influenced. “Even when children hear the sound of TV in the background – it is associated with the aggressive behavior of children of this age (although children did not watch TV directly). Parents need to be smart and considerate when it comes to younger children and watching TV, ”explained the University of Albany in the US state of New York. They further say that younger children should limit the time spent in front of the TV screen and adapt the content to their age. The 2016 survey included 3,128 mothers from 20 U.S. cities. These mothers gave birth to children between 1998 and 2000. Their three-year-olds watched an average of 3 hours a day on TV, which was switched on for 5 hours in the household. Previously known factors influencing aggression in young children (e.g., domestic violence) were included in the study. Domestic violence is the most pronounced factor that affects young children. To this the researchers added watching TV and turning on the TV in the household. New added factors have been shown to significantly affect aggression in children. Aggression in young children is manifested through: unreasonable fights with other children, disobedience (when children ignore pleas, prohibitions and orders) and screaming without most often (justified) reason.
Although the American Pediatric Association always recommends that children under the age of two never watch TV programs. For children over the age of two, this association recommends watching TV programs for less than two hours a day. There are several reasons why television negatively affects younger children. These children can see violence on TV programs. Time spent in front of the TV means less time spent on behaviors that help the child develop positively (play time, reading fairy tales and stories, and the like).

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