A good garden tool should be well made and adapted to the needs of the garden

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Tools for maintaining and arranging gardens, backyards and yards depend on the size of the garden, the variety of plants and decorations. For small gardens or yards where there are several pots or plants planted in jars, a pair of hand tools will suffice. If the garden is larger with rows of flowers and landscaped paths, then a larger and more robust tool will be needed. Today, there are a handful of tools ranging from the simplest hand to specialized motorized vehicles. However, there are proven basic tools that every garden owner should have and use regularly. There are also plenty of magazines, internet portals, articles on the YouTube channel, and TV shows about landscaping

Necessary tools for arranging every garden and yard:
A small hand shovel
A small hand shovel is one of the most used tools in the arsenal for garden maintenance (regardless of the size of the garden). The small hand shovel is practical and usable in many situations. We often use it instead of another specialized tool. It can be used for planting bulbs, flowers, other plants, digging weeds, removing larger stones from the ground, cutting roots, opening bags of soil, mixing fertilizers and other work activities.
Large shovel with straight edges
A large shovel is one of the tools that is constantly at hand when people want to work around the garden. The large shovel with its straight edges is ideal for digging holes for plants (especially in depth), cutting roots and shifting soil. Although some people prefer an ordinary and equally useful shovel, with a large shovel with straight edges you will find it easier to dig holes. Make sure that the handle is of good quality and comfortable. Keep the edges sharp to make it easier to work with.
The hoe is a great tool for aerating the ground and weeding the whole garden. Cultivating the land is not an easy task. A specialized tool like a hoe saves time and makes the job easier. The hoe is used for cultivating beds and digging narrow and shallow paths. The blade of the hoe must be perpendicular to the handle for easier digging and moving of the ground. The hoe should suit the user with its weight and handle length. Choose a hoe depending on the type of soil and the size of the garden to make it easier to use for gardening work.
Garden shears
Some plants require frequent pruning. Garden shears will be best for this job. Garden shears are small and powerful tools for arranging shrubs, hedges, roses, fruit trees and much more. Regardless of the number of plants to be pruned, keep in mind that garden shears will be used frequently. During pruning, garden shears are squeezed by hand hundreds of times. It is important that the scissors are of good quality and comfortable for the hand (with an ergonomic handle). Keep the blade as sharp as possible. Garden shears should always be kept away from children. It is good for adults that the scissors have a protective lock (which can be locked to store them safely when not in use). For slightly thicker branches that are out of reach of people, it is best to use branch shears. These scissors have similar blades as the smaller scissors. The handles are larger and longer. They give a better lever so thicker branches can be cut off easily (without using a ladder).
The saw is used in the garden when garden shears are not enough even shears with large handles and sharp blades. Any type of chicken will serve its purpose. The saw can be handled when removing thick roots and other garden work. Folding hand saws are practical. They do not take up much space. They can be stored safely. Most folding hand saws can be mounted on a telescopic handle. The user can saw off the branches on the tallest tree in the garden from the safety of the ground. These saws can be easily transferred in case you need to help another person / neighbor in their garden.
Rakes are a very useful tool. They are used during the fall to collect fallen leaves and flower remains. The rake can be used to level the ground after digging. The rake can be weeded and loose gravel can be spread in some places. Rakes exist in all types and shapes. There are small hand rakes that can be pulled between the beds and plants to larger plants. Thus, in a few strokes, all the leaves in the garden can be picked up very quickly or mulch can be distributed on the cultivated and moist soil.
Construction trolleys
Trolleys are an indispensable small means of transportation. They save the backs and legs of the users. The stroller saves time because large and heavy objects are easily transported around the garden with minimal effort. They are used to transport soil, fertilizers, compost, waste, gravel or other tools. For good wheelchairs there is always room in the garden, and works around the house and around the house. If you have an old trolley with a wobbly wheel and worn handles, replace them with new trolleys with which you will be able to transport the heaviest and most sensitive cargo without fear.
Gardening gloves
A quality and good pair of gloves is an irreplaceable and basic tool for all outdoor work in all weather conditions. Gloves protect against cuts, scratches, stings, blisters, and even animal bites. Gloves make it easier to transfer material, dig the ground with your hands and pluck weeds. Your hands are always clean and safe. Before performing any gardening work, gloves should be put on the hands. Only then should you take tools and do gardening work.
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