Fresh apple always prevents indigestion

2020-05-09 07.46.16
The human body is a machine that constantly performs various processes. Each of these processes has excess products that the body tries to get rid of. We constantly take in substances through food and drink. Waste food and beverage products are generated by metabolic processing. The human body regularly strives to eliminate and expel all waste products from the body. The essence of good health and appearance is the harmony of these two processes. Disorders, slowing down and irregular elimination of metabolic products often occur. Improper digestion causes bloating, low mood and headaches.
Due to the improper function of the digestive tract, toxins are returned to the liver and bloodstream by weakening them at the same time (instead of leaving the liver and bloodstream). There are natural ways to solve the problem of indigestion.
1. Meals should be simplified — the digestive process consumes a lot of energy and nutrients. A hearty meal causes drowsiness. Complex dishes create chaos. They cause stomach discomfort. Some foods and some foods create acid. Other types of foods form the base. They produce into digestive juices that clash. There is a simple solution. You should eat small and simple meals often and regularly during each day. This diet helps regulate energy and prevents indigestion.
2. Fresh apples are an excellent fruit for regulating digestion – fresh apples are the best way to calm the stomach / stomach. Fresh apples have a complex fruit sugar – “fructose”. Fiber from apples absorbs excess acid produced in the stomach.the fibrous mixture of apples cleanses the intestines. This ensures the release of gas accumulated in the stomach. So large amounts of digestive fiber in apples are a powerful remedy for all indigestion.
3. Coffee and alcohol are harmful – coffee and alcohol dehydrate the body, slow down digestion, expose the liver and kidneys to extra effort. Fortunately, many fresh foods contain plenty of water. A thinner salad or a plate of vegetables is an ideal lunch. A plate of fresh fruit is an ideal breakfast that will refresh your gut. A well-hydrated body effectively eliminates toxins. Reminder: 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is enough fluid during the day.
4. Slow eating is effective — basic chewing of food will satisfy your appetite. The human body produces 1.7 liters of saliva per day by chewing. Saliva softens food. Saliva contains enzymes that break down carbohydrates. Saliva disinfects the contents of the mouth. People who eat fast actually eat more in quantity and digestion is slower. Slow down the process of eating and chewing food. Take time for a meal. Avoid eating in a hurry. Use cutlery whenever you can.

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