Friendship with other people and dogs is a powerful remedy against loneliness

2020-05-12 15.05.03
They say that supporting friends against any pain can be a more effective cure than morphine. This finding was discovered in a study by scientists from Oxford University. The support and comfort of friends has been shown to be stronger than the most powerful opiate-based painkiller (morphine). The studio result showed that respondents with more friends endured pain longer and better. The Oxford University says that good friendships are nurtured because they are the best allies in situations of severe physical pain. The results are interesting because recent research suggests that the endorphin system may be disrupted in psychological disorders (depression). That is why depressed people withdraw from society.
We know that a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs help their owner’s health. People over the age of 60 who walk dogs regularly need less help from a doctor. This claim was published by American scientists from Miami University. The professional journal The Gerontologist writes that these respondents are less likely to gain extra pounds. In addition to regular physical activity, dog owners have a lot of benefits from their pet. They form strong emotional ties with their dogs, scientists say. Data collected from 771 individuals were used in the study.
Having a dog means contributing to the reduction (preventive) of heart disease – claims Dr. Glen Levin (The Baylor University), and was quoted by the American Heart Association (AHA). 5200 adult respondents participated in the research. Dog owners have been shown to have lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in their blood and lower blood pressure. Dog owners usually had a reduced reaction to stress.

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