Red lipstick is always fashionable and popular

Red lipstick is the biggest symbol of femininity. No other cosmetic product has gained more popularity than red lipstick. The primary goal of red lipstick is to draw attention to the lips of the person using the lipstick. Then no additional accessories are needed.
How to properly use red lipstick:
1. Nourish your lips with lip balm to keep them from cracking.
2. Choose the right shade of lipstick that will suit your complexion. Use a little trick here. Find a vein in your arm or leg. Look at the color of the vein. If the veins are blue or purple, cool tones suit you. Then the ideal shade of red lipstick will be dark red (wine color). If your veins are yellowish or green shades, warm tones of red lipstick will suit you (all orange tones of red lipstick. If your veins on your arms or legs are neutral (mixed colors), both shades of red lipstick will suit you.
3. Lightly shade the lips on the outside with white eyeliner. This will prevent the lipstick from spilling over the edges of the lips. Use a lipstick brush.
In stores and perfumeries, it is not always easy to choose the right red lipstick. Most women try on a lipstick that they want to buy. However, the skin color on the hands and lips is not the same. It often happens that we choose the wrong color of lipstick.
It is best to test the lipstick on the fingertip. There is a skin color with bluish-red undertones. That color is pretty similar to lip color. If when choosing and buying red lipstick you are still not sure about the color, then choose one number more intense shade than the shade you liked.
If you want a completely new shade of lipstick, apply two shades (light and dark) on two fingers. Place your fingers next to your lips. See which color best matches the color of your lips and skin tone. It is important that the color of the lipstick and the color of the lips are not identical colors as this gives the person a sore facial appearance.

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