Rice water in the service of beauty

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Rice contains pepper and many minerals and vitamins. Peter is a great substance for natural glow and revitalization of facial skin. Many expensive facial care products use peter. The SK-II product mostly contains the substance Peter. SK-II is part of the most expensive beauty products on the market.
Recipe number one: For rice water you need: organic rice, filtered water and a small jar. If you think the rice is not clean before making rice water-wash the rice. Pour half a cup of rice with water. Cover the pot. Leave for a few minutes until the rice is soaked in water. The color of the water will be pale white. You will get a simple face toner. Pour the toner into the jar. Close tightly. Keep the preparation in the refrigerator. Shelf life is 4 to 5 days.
Recipe number two: cook the rice in water. You can put more water than when you cook rice for eating. When the rice is cooked, strain the water. This preparation is an excellent tonic for the face and hair. For a clean face without clogged pores: soak a ball of cotton wool with rice water. Apply to face and wipe clean face. This procedure narrows the pores. The face gets a fresh and healthy look.
Rice tonic is the reason why Asian women have a fresh and youthful look even in old age. Rice is rich in vitamin B complex and antioxidants. They have a beneficial effect on the skin. They slow down the aging process. They better supply the blood with oxygen. Rice regulates fat. Soothes allergies and red inflammatory processes on the face. A tonic is actually water that is obtained after cooking rice. If rice tonic is used regularly, the skin becomes softer, softer and cleaner. After washing your face with rice water, leave your face to dry. Then wipe your face with a piece of cotton wool soaked in distilled water.
Rice water is great for washing hair. Hair will be shinier and healthier. Far Eastern women pay a lot of attention, love and respect to hair and face care.

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