Strange reasons why one person falls in love with another person

2020-05-25 12.32.11
Many people agree with the statement that love is a strange emotion or phenomenon. According to scientists, there are many items that make some people “attractive”, although attractiveness often does not refer to a good figure and charm of an individual. The famous Coco Chanel always said that “a woman should always be well-groomed and beautiful because she does not know when she will meet the man of her life.” This would mean that men should always “keep” their eyes wide for the same reasons. We know that the rule here is that “there is no rule” even though there are small actions that make people fall in love.
Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher has discovered basic items that have been proven to attract men. Chemistry is difficult to explain and so far no one has explained why a certain person likes another certain person. People never know in advance when they will be “hit” by Cupid’s arrow. Love is wonderful, blind and strange.
A smile is important in this process – when people smile at each other all the barriers fall into the water. We automatically perceive attraction to the person we are smiling at and who smiles back at us. It is natural to imitate a smile without even noticing that we are doing it consciously. A smile triggers other bodily reactions. Laughter and smiling stimulate the brain and cause the secretion of happiness hormones (serotonin), endorphins, dopamine and nor epinephrine.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul – the eyes affect the attraction and attraction of other people. This phenomenon is called copulative gaze. Looking at a person with an intense gaze for three seconds in that person’s brain triggers a “primitive switch” that makes the person react to the gaze (call).
Hair and teeth speak of health and hygiene habits — healthy and shiny hair without cracked ends is a sign of youth, strength and fertility.
Body odors are responsible for strong physical attraction — pheromones are chemicals secreted by the body. Pheromones are responsible for the strong physical attraction that occurs between two people. German scientists recently conducted research and found that every “body” has a natural smell. This scent helps us find a partner who is compatible with us (a person with a strong immune system). People who bathe too much, and use excessively many body cosmetics (lotions, body milk or roll on, etc.) in abnormal amounts — are actually wrong. The new partner will not be attracted by the artificial scent but by the natural scent. This is not about sweat but about pheromones. It is known and medically proven that men, for example, are instinctively attracted to a woman’s musky scent, which is intensified during the menstrual cycle.
Teeth – the American web portal conducted a survey among single Americans. Research of the portal has shown that among the most important items that attract men are teeth. Beautiful, white teeth indicate that a person has a good diet and practices hygienic habits, while yellow and crooked teeth are usually a sign of a person’s poorer health.

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