The right choice of color for healthy, wavy and shiny hair

When choosing a color for hair coloring, you should pay attention to a lot of elements (skin color, facial skin pigment, hair quality, etc.). The choice of a new shade of hair color should be in line with the color of the eyes.
Women with brown shades of eye color should generally choose autumn hair color tones (gold, copper or red). For blonde hair, you should choose a honey color or golden tones.
Women with blue eyes should choose cool hair color tones (ice blue and platinum blue). Cool tones can also be a good combination with darker but cooler tones (e.g. blue-black combination). Green is the most appreciative eye color for customizing a hairstyle.
You can combine warm and cool color tones. Copper hair color tones accentuate the eyes. Reddish and brown shades of hair color balance the color of the eyes and the color of the skin with the color of the hair.
Wavy, smooth, wet, braided or disheveled hair is always fashionable. Women can experiment with longer or shorter hair. Women who love classics and are not ready to make strides in new hairstyles can experiment with wavy hair. Also wavy hair will delight women who accept new challenges and new fashion expressions. Avjet plus: Wavy or voluminous hair can be beautiful with more intense and larger curls. The so-called “sea look” is always fashionable when the hair becomes naturally wavy from sea salt and sea. You can achieve wavy hair by using curling mousse. Allow the hair to dry. You can weave braids and hair. Apply curling mousse to your hair and braid two wide braids (or one for thinner hair). Leave overnight. In the morning you will get wavy hair with your favorite “sea look”.

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