Marilyn Monroe’s ingenious trick, skin hydration and make-up under glasses

cover page:
The voice of the beauty and uniqueness of the famous actress Marilym Monroe lives on today even though she has not been among us for decades.Marilyn was an intriguing, sexy, gentle and kind person. We remember her specific hairstyle, blonde hair, red lips and black youth on her cheek today. A seductive look is an association to Marilyn Monroe. This was achieved by black eyeliner. Marilyn also used a simple eye shadow trick. This trick is used by make-up artists at fashion shows and music videos of great music stars (Rihanna in the music video “Four Five Seconds” and Beyoncé in the music video “Formation”).

Rihanna and Beyoncé are just using a similar way of applying eye shadow.

The trick is in the special glow of the eyelids. Matte eye shadow is out of the question here. A drop of olive oil or Vaseline is added to the eye shadow. Today, makeup artists have great ideas. Makeup artists, for example, put lip balm or lip gloss over eye shadow. Be careful not to overdo it. One or two points in the middle of the eyelid are enough. Try the trick. Apply eyeliner and red lipstick to make you feel like a music or movie diva.
Make up under the glasses
If you constantly wear glasses, choose make-up carefully – professional make-up artists advise. Follow the following rules when applying make-up:
1. Match the color of the eye shadow to the color of the eyes and glasses. When applying make-up, make sure that the colored part of the upper eyelid does not protrude above the frame. Emphasize the edge of the lower eyelid with a lighter eye shadow to attract light and make the look more attractive.
2. If you are a short-sighted person the eyes under the glass will look smaller. Be sure to use mascara. Apply eyelash mascara in several layers to make the lashes thicker and longer. Be careful not to form lumps.
3. Glasses with dioptria enlarge the eyes for farsighted people and people with astigmatism. At the same time, they reveal all irregularities and mistakes during make-up. Be especially careful then. Make sure that all strokes of the eye shower or eye pencil are especially precise. Carefully apply the eyelash mascara to keep the lashes apart. Avoid shimmery shadows (for the eyes) with hints of mother-of-pearl.
Hydration of facial skin
Skin hydration is very important. The way you keep your skin hydrated is important. There are rules that are effective to make skin care more effective and skin more beautiful.
1. Lack of skin moisture occurs especially at high temperatures. Causes dry skin that itches and cracks. In order for the skin to better absorb the moisture that you give through creams and lotions, you need “pressure” that will push water into the skin. You can achieve this by setting a stronger pressure on the shower and increasing the volume of the water. You will have a pleasant facial massage and you will nourish your skin.
2. Due to high temperatures, moisture evaporates quickly from the skin. It is necessary to stop the evaporation of moisture in some way. Cosmetics rich in hyaluronic acid help here. Apply the hyaluronic acid product to the face immediately after showering. Moisture will be successfully retained in the skin.
3. It is necessary to apply products on the skin of the face that will create a kind of barrier. The barrier will not allow the skin to dry quickly. You will achieve the desired effect by using moisturizing oils and face creams.
Basic beauty products
The basic beauty products needed by every woman include powder, eyelash mascara and concealer. Concealer is a beauty miracle worker for many ladies. This product is ideal for covering dark circles around the eyes. With concealer we can remove every pimple on the face. When you put concealer around your eyes, put a little concealer around your nostrils and lips (in parentheses). This is a great trick for people who have a problem of discoloration (color changes in these areas). Due to discoloration around the lips and nostrils, we often look tired and viral. With the help of concealers in these areas of the face, the complexion will be fresher and brighter. When buying concealer, care should be taken that the color of the concealer corresponds to the skin tone of the face.

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