Adolescence is an important period in a child’s life

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Adolescence is a period in a child’s life in which great social and emotional changes occur. Children then enter into complex social relationships in schools and places of residence. Children then sometimes prove their independence to their parents and guardians in an awkward way. During adolescence, children can be withdrawn. I can grumble “in the chin.” It seems to parents and guardians that children spend the whole day lying on the bed. At the simplest demands of adult (older) family members, adolescents show stubbornness and ignorance.
Dr. Barbara Greenberg is a child psychologist who communicates with teenagers on a daily basis. Dr. Greenberg conducted a survey with children about what irritates adolescents the most in the elderly.

Meet Dr. Greenberg

The 10 biggest complaints of adolescents:
1. Most teenagers emphasize that they are irritated when a parent (guardian) calls a professor without their knowledge.
2. They feel frustrated when parents reveal to other people the truths they have been told in confidence.
3. They don’t like it when people talk about them as if they aren’t present in the room where the conversation is taking place.
4. They don’t like public praise of any kind.
5. Most teenagers don’t like it when their parents compare them to other siblings.
6. Most adolescents do not like their parents’ predictions (expectations) that they will do something ugly.
7. Most respondents said they wanted to be told only once what to do (without repetition).
8. Most teenagers do not like when their parents (environment) make untrue assumptions about them.
9. Most adolescents don’t like it when older people say: I know you better than you know yourself.
10. Adolescents often feel stressed when you talk about their friends in a negative context.
Common mistakes made by parents raising a teenager are too much control and constant supervision and little interest in the child’s lifelong activity. Parents rarely give words of praise to a child and rarely show love. Children value the time spent with them in a moderate way the most. Parents can approach the child by acting as a permanent observer with occasional comments, counseling, and explanations of the child’s life activity or specific event.

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