Black Leather Jacket (Made in New York)

The little black leather jacket has long been inscribed in the fashion world. To this timeless classic trendy clothes and fashion changes can do nothing. Almost every person in the world keeps a small black leather jacket in their closet. A black leather jacket always lives on even though it may be a hundred years old. Leather jackets are usually passed down from generation to generation. Every season, small leather jackets look better. Their specific worn and worn “look” looks nicer and better from year to year. It is one of the best features of real and original leather clothing. The jacket gets scars over time and is shaped according to the body and style of its user. The little black leather jacket is an eternal fashion hit. It is perfectly hidden under coats and coats, or in its original edition. Marilyn Monroe and James Dean wore it as far back as the middle of the last century with cropped jeans and simple white T-shirts and shirts. Since then, a lot of experimentation and fashion styles with a small leather jacket have passed. Today, a leather jacket is worn for evening outings and events. Ballet flats and other romantic fashion accessories soothe her effective character.
Black has always been a symbol of style of sophistication and elegance. New York has always been where fashion begins, and continues, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Actually forever. Black and the city of New York have a strong connection. Some will say that “black” is actually the original color of New York. New Yorkers love elegance, sophistication and special style. New Yorkers love clothes, shoes and fashion accessories in black because it is a very practical choice for all occasions, fashion expressions and all generations. Every person dressed and dressed in black looks perfectly elegant. New Yorkers love black because they look slender, youthful and beautiful. There are even jokes about black and New Yorkers. One of the jokes is that New Yorkers would rather “die” (figuratively speaking) than give up black and choose another color. Black is in a way a trademark of New Yorkers. New Yorkers are recognizable by their black color. Of course, it should be noted that there are some New Yorkers who choose other colors until they get to know the rhythm and specificity of their city.


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      many thanks for your time and great and positive message. I appreciate it very much., wishing you all the best. Amela


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