Only one percent of sweat is created under the armpits

There is knowledge that there is not enough evidence that substances (parabens and aluminum) from deodorants stimulate malignant and other diseases or bad processes in the body (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and others). Sweat has no smell. Sweat is made up of water, salt, minerals and electrolytes. Unpleasant odors are created by bacteria that break down sweat. Only 1% of sweat is created under the armpits of the hand. The story that antiperspirants prevent the normal excretion of sweat is unfounded. It is also an unfounded story that antiperspirants endanger the detoxification of the body. Detoxification is performed by the kidneys and liver.
Deodorants neutralize bacteria that cause unpleasant odors (under the armpits). Deodorants do not prevent moistening the armpits. The active ingredients of the deodorant have an antimicrobial effect. The smell of deodorant masks the antimicrobial action. Antiperspirants create a plug at the end of the sweat duct. They physically prevent sweating. The active substance that has this effect is aluminum salts. Aluminum salts are the most problematic ingredient in deodorants.
It is believed that aluminum penetrates and deposits in the lymph glands of the armpits. Here it causes carcinogenic changes.
Facts: Aluminum particles are found in breast tissues and fluids and in breast milk. However, aluminum particles are also found in other tissues of the body. Antiperspirants are used after shaving or depilation. Then small damage can be created on the skin, through which aluminum penetrates the body faster and easier.
Research: 1500 women were included in the research in 2002. Half of the women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Research has not found that antiperspirants increase the risk of breast cancer in any way. In 2003, a study was published involving over 400 women diagnosed with breast cancer. In women who started using antiperspirants at an earlier age, applying them more often after shaving or waxing, cancer was diagnosed at an earlier age. Researchers have proven that it is possible that antiperspirants, depilation and deodorants play a role in the development of breast cancer. They failed to discover the ingredient responsible for the role of the product in the development of breast cancer.
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