Sugar consumption should be reduced to a healthier level

2020-05-09 07.46.10
Sugar contains a lot of energy. However, sugar does not contain vitamins or minerals. It harms the teeth especially when eaten between meals. Today, people use sugar and sweet foods a lot to feel better. Although sweets and sweet foods are a habit, people can gradually reduce or reduce to a healthier level.
The risks that come from excessive consumption of sugary foods are being overweight, dental problems and the risk of insufficient intake of useful foods. Therefore, some people eat a lot of sugar and less useful and essential foods.
New and desirable habits:
1. Try to stop putting sugar in coffee or tea. In time, this will become a habit. If you can’t do without sweet coffee or tea try using a sugar substitute.
2. Use unsweetened bread and unsweetened pastries
3. Use less jam and marmalade
4. Avoid sweet fruit yogurts
5. Avoid putting sugar in the flakes with milk
6. Eat fruit instead of sweets and candies
7. Always keep some fruit in your home
8. When buying a product, see how much sugar the product contains. Rather opt for a similar product with less sugar.
9. Eat small meals often throughout the day. You will always be full and eat less sweet foods.
10. Drink water often.
The results of moderate sugar consumption are healthier teeth and visibly lower body weight.
It is good to encourage and accustom children (from an early age) to eat sweets once a week.

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