Clean veins mean longevity without disease

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The secret of longevity has not yet been revealed. There are, however, ways to experience old age without disease and major health problems. Some will say spending all day with other people, light meals, activities in the garden and gardens, activities around pets and pets prolong life. Most of the elderly population say that the secret of longevity is in clean veins and clean blood circulation.
Because the secret of longevity is in the veins and they need to be cleaned from time to time. People don’t take good care of their veins and clean blood flow. This is especially true for retirees in the city. They like to take pills and think that pills will help them. More experienced people and people who deal with herbs and herbal treatment say that with clean veins comes health and activity.
If a person in poor health starts to clean the veins, he can live longer and healthier. Blood flows through the veins. Blood is food for all organs. The better the food, the healthier the organs. Human health starts from vein health. But the veins get dirty over time. Because there can be dirt and all kinds of indigestible substances in the blood that settle in the veins. They just have nowhere to go. So the veins get dirty like pipes in a kitchen. Blood stops reaching the internal organs. That is why the internal organs are starving and sick. Kidneys, stomach, liver or bladder – suffer from poor blood supply. Even the head. Imagine, for example, that you stop feeding your dog properly. The dog will get sick immediately. If the blood supply improves, the organs will heal. A man will surely live longer. 3.5, and maybe even 10 years. Earlier, all people were treated that way because there were no pills. Back then, people were healthier and got sick less often.
When people start cleaning their veins, it is possible to live long and be healthy.
Veins should be cleaned twice a year. More often it is not necessary because the veins do not get dirty sooner.
The vein cleansing procedure is quite useful
Over time, more users and doctors accept the opinion that the vein cleansing procedure is an extremely useful procedure. It is able to prolong life and improve human health. Today, the treatment of various diseases abroad (for example, kidney and liver diseases) is often supplemented by venous cleansing therapy. Because the veins are clogged with cholesterol bad for health. Patients who have cardiovascular diseases or hypertension must clean their veins. At least twice a year.
Teas that contain a special form of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) help to clean the veins. This substance can penetrate inside cholesterol molecules. It destroys cholesterol molecules from within. The result of the course of tea use is complete cleansing of the veins from cholesterol deposits on the walls of the veins. In addition, blood clots dissolve. In 96% of cases, the pressure in patients is normalized after cleaning the veins.
Benefits of using vein cleansing tea:
Pressure is completely stabilized (hypertension disappears)
• Heart rate normalizes
• Headaches disappear
• Vision is corrected
• The effectiveness of treatment of chronic diseases increases
• Significant improvements in health in general
Vein cleansing tea should contain alpha-tocopherol, about 50 vitamins, macro and micro-elements useful for the heart and veins.
Here are some useful ingredients:
Aloe leaf extract-strengthens and tones the walls of veins. It lowers the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis and hypertensive crisis
Hawthorn fruit extract-normalizes the permeability of small capillaries
Lemongrass extract-strengthens the heart muscle Prevents heart attacks
Pumpkin Seed Extract-increases blood oxygen levels
Chaga extract-dilates veins, lowers blood pressure immediately after intake

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