How to keep a tan on the skin and face

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How long tanned knives stay on the skin depends on the skin type
Although the so-called aristocratic white skin tone is constantly returning to fashion, this trend is still not something that people will follow almost or partially. A tanned complexion gives us a healthier and slimmer look. We get the desired tan after a long time in the sun or going to the solarium regularly. The question that arises is how long such a complexion a person can keep. It depends on the skin type of each person.
Naturally dark-skinned people need a little longer for the tanned skin color to disappear. Light-skinned people lose tan faster. However, with proper care, all people can keep their skin tanned. Prolonged tanning is achieved by constantly applying raspberry oil on the skin. It prolongs the dark complexion of the skin. Olive oil rejuvenates the skin, making it supple, elastic and smooth like silk.
Do not shower with too hot water as this will further dry out the skin. Choose a shower gel with natural ingredients (on the label / declaration the PH value should be as close as possible to your skin). Summer shower products contain antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene, aloe vera, lavender, green tea and other herbs) that have a profound effect on skin moisture. Many of these products are applied to damp skin. After showering, do not rub the skin with a towel, but lightly pat it with a towel. Mandatory skin products are then body gels and milks, lotions or body oils because they provide moisture and nutrients. They soothe the skin after sunbathing.
Before exposing the skin to the sun, apply a quality lotion, gel or oil. The best products are among children’s cosmetics (baby oil is certainly the best product). Apply the same treatment after sunbathing. The most prized care products on the market are those that contain olive oil, almond oil, Aloe vera, lavender and lemon. It is not recommended to expose the face to the sun with make-up. However, for people who use make-up during sunbathing or any sun exposure, make-up should be waterproof and mild. Make-up removers should be mild, non-greasy and alcohol-free.
Special attention should be paid to the care of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Here the skin is extremely thin and prone to damage and burns. Be careful when exposing skin tanning. Daily exposure of the skin to the sun can lead to unwanted consequences (peeling of the skin after which ugly spots remain). If your skin is still peeling, you can stop the process by applying an oily oil that will also keep the skin tanned.

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