The human body changes with ageing

2020-05-25 12.32.11
With age, the human body changes
When a person is over 40 or 50 or 60 or even 70 years old today it doesn’t sound like much or too much because life expectancy has lengthened. In addition to the form that people need to take care of, there are fashion rules that help middle-aged people feel better. Of course, there are always exceptions when we see a person on the street dressing youthfully even though he is in his serious years. However, the exception is not a confirmed rule.
Clothing colors — with age the body changes. As a result, the color of the eyes and hair changes. Then the person needs to adjust the clothes to their age. Perhaps the best choice will be colors that have not been the most common or favorite choice so far. Check again to see if the colors you have chosen so far suit you.
Trendy clothing — with age one should not look for modern clothing but clothing that fits and suits the person and their altered body. When we wear modern and trendy clothes that do not suit our body, we will look like we have a “midlife crisis”. We choose modern clothes when it suits us. For example, modern baggy pants and a modern suit are two different fashion expressions. Stick to classic selections with modernized combinations.
Changing your style of dress-if you have a good body, if you exercise it does not mean that clothes from 20 years ago will suit you. Low jeans, tight pants, baggy and loose pants are a thing of the past. But choose classic jeans that fit for years.
Pay attention to detail — it’s important that clothes be appropriate to your lifestyle and occasions. The business look is given by clean and ironed shirts of clear lines. Pants should be neither too tight nor too wide. Important details are the belt and shoes. Sportswear includes pants and a T-shirt suitable for the activities you are engaged in. Avoid tight jeans and colorful wide t-shirts. In all years of life one should strive to show the best of oneself.


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