Warmer days and high temperatures have their advantages

Warmer days and high temperatures have their advantages but they bring problems to the skin. The face will look dry and exhausted without water. Drink as much water as possible even though you already know it. Warmer days bring a handful of good and pleasant things. Ice cream, sunny and long days, frequent stays in the open space and natural environment and more. All human senses enjoy the feeling of the sun warming the skin. Warmer days, too, bring a number of skin problems.
Face and body oils are products with mostly lower protection factors. They are most often used for already tanned skin. Some types of oils accelerate the tanning of the skin.
Face and body foams are especially pleasant to apply on the face and body thanks to their structure. They absorb quickly. They do not leave marks on the skin.
The face is too greasy-moisture stimulates oil production. This is a special problem with oily skin. Use a face tonic twice a day. Make a clay face mask once a week. Clay absorbs excess fat. Clay closes the pores on the face. When using these products be careful it can dry out the skin.
Ingrown hair-thirsty skin nourish with shaving cream to avoid unsightly appearance of the legs after shaving. The shaving cream is enriched with essential oils. Forget razors and turn to other methods of removing unwanted hair on the skin. Use depilatory creams, sprays (which will get your hands dirty) or an epilator. After depilation, apply a lot of cream or lotion to the skin, because depilation products dry out the skin.
The armpit is darker than other parts of the skin — shaving and touching the skin with various materials creates friction. Friction leads to inflammatory processes and darker spots in the armpit area. Tip: Try lotions that contain hydro-quin one. Replace the shaving razor after 3 shaves.
Hair “burned” by the sun – the longer you have hair, the more carefully you need to protect it from the sun or your hair will become “like straw”. Use a mild shampoo that nourishes and hydrates the hair. Use a conditioner for the ends of the hair. Avoid styling your hair with hot air, a hair dryer or a hair straightener. If your job or life commitments require tidy hair and hairstyle, apply a protective hair spray before any treatments. Tip: when you are on the beach, apply a little body cream to your hair so that it does not dry out too much and crack. On warmer days, it is recommended to apply a little more hair balm (than usual) before each hair wash. Hold the balm on your hair for five minutes. After washing, apply a hair cream that will make your hair smoother.
Water is always important — drink plenty of water and fluids because skin without water will look dry and exhausted. Put a few sliced ​​cucumbers in a bowl with ice. After a while, refresh your face with a little already frozen cucumbers. The skin will be fresher and tighter.
Sweating-sweat is a natural process by which the human body gets rid of unpleasant and impure substances. However, sweating can become uncomfortable for you and your surroundings. Wear fabrics and clothes made of pure cotton. The skin will breathe. If regular deodorant does not help you with sweating, you can get a specialized antiperspirant in pharmacies. When buying such a preparation, make sure that the preparation does not completely prevent sweating because such a product is not healthy.
The smell of feet – wearing warm clothes and shoes all day becomes unbearable after a while. However, you can prevent unpleasant odors. Apply the deodorant you use under your armpits to your feet and shoes. A better solution is baby powder that you apply to your feet and shoes. The shoes will need washing and cleaning after using the baby powder but the feet and shoes will be fragrant and clean.

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