What does seven-crust bread taste like?

2020-03-04 10.23.12
The daily life of many miners from all over the world is hard work in difficult conditions. Accidents are common due to poor and unsafe conditions and due to safety violations. Every year, March 2 is celebrated and celebrated as the International Miners’ Day in honor of the brave miners in the world.
Often miners around the world decide to go on hunger strike or suspend production and other forms of strikes. Miners are trying to organize a kind of self-government, greater protection, greater rights, better health, better equipment and better working conditions. Miners are often united and consciously seek union organization, higher wages, better working hours, and a fairer treatment of workers. During the International Miners’ Day, monuments are visited in parks, congratulations are sent to miners, flowers and wreaths are laid and candles are lit in honor of the fallen and all former miners (“chambers”). Miners work in three shifts underground every day, often in unsafe conditions. Every miner begins his shift with the famous and world-famous greeting “Good luck”. The promises they receive are the necessity of providing better security and adequate compensation, as evidenced by the large number of accidents in which miners lost their lives fighting for their own existence. Miners have struggled for centuries because of the often imposed difficult and unbearable working conditions.
There are 20 active mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina where brown coal, lignite, bauxite and salt are mined underground. Ores are mined from surface mines and hundreds of meters underground. The most famous active mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Banovići, Kreka, Đurđevik, Kakanj, Zenica and Breza. Miners are accompanied by frequent accidents due to sudden rock falls, mountain strikes, gas bursts from shafts, degassing of pit rooms, methane explosions. Many accidents and mining tragedies happen and have fatal outcomes in which a large number of miners die. There is always an open call to all levels of government, superiors and rulers to improve the conditions in which miners work. Every year is a difficult year for a miner. Every year, every month, every day and every shift brings danger and uncertainty to the miners. History has shown that too many miners went underground without ever returning to the surface. The work of a miner is both difficult and frequent. With each entry into the pit and extraction of ore deep underground, miners constantly risk their lives in order to fulfill their work tasks and set norms. Modesty is the greatest virtue of these workers who earn “bread with seven crusts”.
Imagine plain bread on your table. The next day, the crust of the bread is not soft and juicy, but firm and petrified. What does “bread with seven crusts” taste like?

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