10 practical tips for decorating your home

Home decorating consultants Amy Nebens and Jara Negrin have revealed ten tips in decorating a space that any person will not mess with once they start decorating. When decorating, you should always start with the basics, no matter what style you like, works of art or expensive items. When completely re-designing or arranging a part of the space, it is clear that the work will not be finished quickly. There should be time for complete landscaping and finishing details, so concentrate on the basics of landscaping.
1. Choose at least one work of art, whether it is an expensive painting or a simple drawing that you will frame and place on the wall.
2. The dining table always has a practical function. Family, friends, neighbors and relatives gather around the table. Every home table is given warmth and a sense of welcome.
3. Details are important (large mirror, two-seater, etc.). It is an unavoidable piece of furniture that needs to be brought into every home when moving in or redecorating.
4. Boxes of all sizes, colors and shapes have a dual function. They are useful for storing things. They give each space a special charm.
5. By choosing a vase for flowers, you will bring a cheerful spirit and serenity to the home. An adequate fruit pot is also welcome.
6. A foot mat is the first item that every guest sees. Prevents dust and garbage from entering the home.
7. The living room is a favorite room where family, friends and guests gather for socializing and celebration. Carefully choose a comfortable and convenient seating set.
8. Organized space means investing in a sufficient number of closets and closets to store all things.
9. If you have the opportunity and enough space, choose a personal corner. For creams, favorite make-up, perfumes do not need much space. Let it be your corner of the home.
10. Hangers are like closets especially for a large family. Get enough wardrobe storage hangers for all family members.

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