Any flowers can be dried if not harvested after rain

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Many people like to see a bouquet of beautifully dried and varied flowers in their home or shop window. There are several techniques for drying flowers. Some techniques can be applied by professionals while some techniques are suitable for hobbyists. Summer is the ideal time of year to dry flowers, although flowers can be dried all year round. All types of flowers can be used for drying flowers, provided that the flowers are not picked after the rain. If you are picking flowers for drying, choose plants that have not fully bloomed. The way of drying flowers (plants) is important.
Air drying flowers
This method of drying is the simplest and cheapest. Make a smaller bouquet. Make sure that the flowers are not too densely distributed. The location for drying should be dry and a warmer place away from the sun’s rays (which can damage the color of the flower petals). It is not recommended to dry the flowers in the kitchen: The steam generated by cooking complicates the drying process. Hook bouquets of flowers upside down to hang freely. Do not place drying bouquets near the walls or against the wall of the room. Drying in the oven is a faster process. This process is ideal for people who do not have the patience to wait a few days (while the flowers dry in the air).
Drying flowers in the oven
The procedure for drying flowers in the oven is as follows: arrange the flowers and spread them on cake paper. Set the oven temperature to the lowest temperature. It is important that you do not close the oven door completely. They should be slightly open. After one hour of drying, check the plants. If necessary, turn the plants to the other side. According to the color of flowers and plants, make sure that the plants do not dry out.
Drying flowers in the microwave
This drying process is called the instant effect. Do the process as follows: separate the plants. Place between two sheets of kitchen baking paper. Turn on the microwave at low temperature for one minute. Dry for an additional 20 seconds at the same mild temperature.
Drying fruit in the oven
We often find dried fruit in a bouquet of flowers. These are most often pieces of lemon, orange, apple and the like. If you like these combined bouquets, dry the fruit as follows: arrange the chopped fruit on the baking paper. Turn the oven to the lowest temperature. Bake the fruit for one hour. Leave the oven half-open. From time to time, turn the fruit to the other side.

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