Grapes are an ideal fruit for beauty and the fight against excess weight

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The cosmetic use of grapes is as old as human consumption of these sweet and sour berries. The secret is in the antioxidant polyphenols that make human skin “thirsty”. Polyphenols are 50 times stronger than vitamin E and 18 times stronger than vitamin C. These vitamins are a skin shield. They stimulate blood circulation. They improve the elasticity and moisture of the skin. They slow down aging. They give a glow to mature skin. Hymns were sung with polyphenols from wine, tea and coffee because they participate in the absorption of bad LDL cholesterol and protect many organs (heart).
The so-called “wine therapy” is becoming more popular among users
The practical use of grapes is becoming more popular over time. People are more intensively oriented towards natural cosmetics. Pharmaceutical companies are rooted. There are more and more grape-based products on the shelves of shops with cosmetic products, perfumeries and pharmacies. Thus, “wine therapy” becomes popular in wellness centers. In addition to the above effects, grapes have a drainage effect on the skin (solves the problem of water retention in the body). Fruit acids are involved in the process. Fruit acids perform a mild peeling of the skin. They have a depigmenting effect on residual sun spots and fresh and aging spots on the skin.
Grapes in human consumption
Grapes are light and juicy in the daily diet. 100 grams of grapes contain 73 kcal. It is an ideal fruit to fight excess weight. A glass of wine a day with a meal is ideal for the heart.
Peeling of grapes
Mix five to seven crushed grapes with one tablespoon of wheat bran and a little grape juice. Apply the peeling on the face in a circular motion. Then rinse well with lukewarm water. For impure skin, use a handful of crushed grapes with one tablespoon of oatmeal. Apply on face. Hold the peeling on your face for 15 minutes. Then rinse well with lukewarm water.

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