Medicinal properties of sea salt and staying at sea (oceans)

Sea salt is becoming increasingly popular because it provides great health benefits. It is obtained directly from the sea. Sea salt does not go through chemical processes that impair its properties.
Strengthens the immune system – naturally strengthens the immune system. It helps the body defend itself against viruses, allergies and other autoimmune disorders.
Stimulates weight loss-sea salt promotes weight loss. It stimulates the work of the digestive system and the release of digestive enzymes that prevent constipation and weight gain.
Promotes skin health — sea salt helps relieve dryness and itchy skin. Relieves the symptoms of skin diseases. A bath with sea salt opens the pores, improves skin circulation and hydrates the tissue.
Relieves asthma symptoms – great for preventing and relieving inflammation of the respiratory system. It makes breathing easier. Mucus production is reduced.
Promotes heart health-sea salt mixed with water regulates cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Helps prevent irregular heart rhythm.
When you are near the sea or ocean, it is recommended that you take advantage of all the benefits of your stay. Salt water, sea air and staying in the sun have a beneficial effect on people. Many doctors advise staying at sea as part of medical therapy.
ohio street beach
Allergies-sea is a perfect ally in the fight against allergies. It is especially good for people who have allergic skin reactions. Sea salt has antihistamine and antiseptic properties. For allergic people, therefore, the sea alleviates allergic reactions. In some cases, the sea completely eliminates allergic reactions. Sea air makes it easier for people with asthma to breathe. During the summer months, ragweed blooms. The seascapes then offer a great refuge.
Skin diseases-dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin disease can be treated by staying near the sea. Sea salt is rich in minerals, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium. The condition of the sick person changes in a short time in a positive direction. The sun and the sea have a beneficial effect on pimples (pimples and acne) on the face.
Arthritis-sea alleviates the condition of people who have problems with arthritis. The sea reduces inflammatory processes in the body. Relieves pain. U.S. research says that people who have lived near the sea (sea salt) show a significantly better general condition of the organism.
Bone-vitamin D is essential for bone health. Vitamin D is important for disease prevention (cancer). By sunbathing, vitamin D is taken into the body. Sunbathing is recommended in the early morning or late afternoon.
Stress is the cause of many diseases. The solution is relaxation. Sea landscapes are ideal places to relax. The sea, among other things, has a large amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a great ally in the fight against stress. Sunbathing Sunbathing) is also a great activity to reduce stress.

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