A German recipe that mixes three powerful ingredients

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Blood pressure is like a thermometer for health!
High blood pressure means that the heart works harder to pump blood.
This is dangerous because it can lead to heart attack, cerebral thrombosis or kidney disorders. For that reason, it is very important to control blood pressure.
Many people know it as a millennial German recipe that mixes three powerful ingredients:
Lemon, garlic and ginger:
Each of these ingredients is extremely good for health. Their combination works wonders.
We have a lemon that is rich in vitamin C. Lemon also has alkaline properties that regulate the pH level in the body.
Necessary groceries:
-4 heads of garlic
-ginger – 4cm
-4 lemons
-2 liters of water
To begin, wash the lemon and ginger well. Cut the lemon into slices. Then peel the garlic and ginger. Pour all the ingredients into a blender. Mix until you get a combined and liquid form.
Then pour this mixture into the pot and heat it. Then slowly add water and bring to a boil.
After boiling, allow the mixture to cool. Then pour it into a bottle and put it in the fridge.
Be sure to drink one glass of this drink every morning on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink one glass two hours before bedtime.
With this, your arteries will be like new in a very short time because the fat that clogs them will disappear.
You will notice that your blood pressure is regulated and stabilized.
Remember to shake the drink before you start enjoying its properties.
Your blood pressure will no longer be a problem for you. Start taking this syrup and you will feel like new.

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