Experts say there is an ideal number for everything

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The beauty is in the numbers – experts say, adding that there is an ideal number for everyone.
375-maximum temperature that may come into contact with hair. Be sure to apply a heat protection product to your hair before using a hair straightener or hair curler.
1-2 is the number of weekly shampoos that is healthiest for your hair and scalp. Too often shampooing dries the hair. Shampooing clogs the pores if the shampoo is not rinsed well with water. Wash your hair once or twice a week. Dry shampoo is a good solution for the period between two hair washes.
24-cream with SPF 24 is a good choice for everyday use. This cream reduces the risk of premature skin aging by 24%.
30 is the minimum protection factor (SPF) that dermatologists recommend when choosing sunscreen.
2-3- numbers show how many times a week you need to do a peeling on the skin. Always do a gentle exfoliation that will remove dead skin cells and impurities from the pores (without damaging the skin). If you have hypersensitive skin or problematic skin, stick to the lower limit, ie do a maximum peeling of the skin twice a week.
You can keep eye mascara in circulation for 3-3 months. After that time, throw away the mascara. Since mascara is often used (almost daily), bacteria collect on the brush.
7- is a number that says how many times a week you need to rinse brushes and sponges if you have acne on your face. Women who do not have problem skin can rinse brushes and sponges once a week. If you have skin full of acne or acne, rinsing your brush and sponge daily (or spraying with alcohol) is the best choice. Pure alcohol can be found in perfumeries or pharmacies. It is good to get alcohol in a glass bottle because it has a longer shelf life.

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