Natural and healing (chamomile, orange, green tea and cranberry)

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Although doctors constantly remind us that the body needs 6 glasses of water a day, this does not mean that we should drink only water. Fresh orange or cranberry juice and green tea and chamomile tea affect healthy and beautiful skin. One of the most important segments of life is getting enough fluids on a daily basis. According to experts, 6 glasses of fluid a day reduces bloating, prevents headaches, disperses wrinkles from the face and helps the body’s defenses.
Orange Juice — Freshly squeezed orange juice protects the heart. The antioxidants in this delicious drink help with inflammatory processes in the body that can cause damage to blood vessels. The results of a study by American scientists show that people with a meal of “fast food” and a glass of orange juice had fewer dangerous radicals than people who drank water or carbonated drinks with lunch. Tone of course means that you should not completely avoid unhealthy foods but you should pay attention to the intake of this type of food. Two glasses of drinks a day (carbonated drinks) are enough because they contain about 40 grams of sugar, which is 250 calories.
Chamomile tea – chamomile tea soothes psoriasis on a stressful day. Experts from the University of Philladelphiyij after conducting a study concluded that two people who received chamomile tea daily for 2 months were significantly less anxious. That is why they say that we should allow chamomile to “tuck” us into bed after a long and hard working day.
Cranberry is a healthy fruit-fresh cranberry juice prevents inflammation of the gums and urinary tract infections. The natural ingredients of this drink prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth and the fringe under the teeth. This juice is also rich in vitamin C which will keep cholesterol levels within recommended limits.
Green tea-green tea keeps the waist from accumulating extra pounds (fat). In the laboratory, mice that drank green tea were 22% less at risk of becoming overweight than more physically active individuals who consumed other beverages. Green tea polyphenols speed up metabolism. They make it easier for the body to burn fat. In addition, green tea is rich in antioxidant compounds that protect against cancer and protect the heart. During warmer days, the body enjoys these slightly chilled drinks that you can drink without prior cooling.

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