Apple, pear, plum, radish and horseradish

2020-05-09 07.46.16
Apples: Eat them in large quantities as advised by experts. Ripe apples give the body all the important substances. Apples contain a lot of pectin that releases toxins from the intestines and stomach. They regulate digestion. The health benefits of apples are reflected in the fact that apples reduce cholesterol, reduce migraines. They raise the general condition of the organism.
Pears: give the body vitamin C. Pears give a lot of minerals, phosphorus (which rejuvenates people), and stimulates the brain and improves concentration. Experts claim that it can be said without exaggeration that consuming pears helps all our mental abilities. Ripe and sweet pears are best. Hard pears cause bloating.
Plums: contain important fruit acids (pectin) that stimulate digestion. Vitamins and minerals support the work of the kidneys and liver. Consuming plums makes the skin more beautiful. Plums prevent rheumatism and arteriosclerosis.
Radish and horseradish: have little calories so they are an ideal choice for weight loss. They contain raphanol and glucoraphanin-essential oils that contain sulfur. They strengthen the stomach, bile, colon and liver.

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